List of large patches over last couple of years

  • Big big patches
    • V3 onion patch series
    • Rust build system changes
    • Rust protover
    • Protover voting changes
    • KIST and the schedulers
    • Shared Random
    • Guard overhaul (prop 271)
    • Consensus diff stuff
  • Not merged
    • Bridge guards (prop 188)
    • KIST v1
    • All the datagram tor papers
    • Cell nageling 7743?
    • All those research papers
  • Pervasive but not big:
    • crypto.h refactor
    • free macros


  • Start small
  • We should offer to do the changes needed.
  • Offer feedback like "for next time..."
  • Can we tag org members on trac? (So people know whether they are getting feedback from somebody who seriously knows what's up)
  • We need to get our message across in a positive way, and say "hey, you need to get to know us".
  • Maybe we should say more about what to expect when you talk to us and send in a patch.
  • Try to be more welcoming and less intimidating to potential contributors -- we have high standards, but we could be kinder about helping people meet them.
  • What to expect (both for an individual contribution and for integrating into the team?)
  • Learning conventions of how the team works is important -- some of this we don't write down for various reasons. Also it can be intimidating if we write all of it down in one place. Maybe high-level overviews are best.
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