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Tor stats session overlap

  • make sure to use bullets for your ideas, and include a facilitator if you have one

Structured Days

  • Frontdesk team should meet and discuss the Frontdesk@ queue and next steps. Facilitator: Colin [scheduled]
  • Mental Health session. Facilitator: Colin + 1 [scheduled]
  • Speak of onion services: Report/discuss standardizing how we talk of onion services vs the less-secure web for consistency, truthfulness, clarity, not feeding trolls. Facilitator: Paul [scheduled]
  • Self-authenticating subdomains: Report on/plan/coordinate putting onion addresses/protections into domain names and browser implications. Facilitator: Paul [scheduled]
  • Building communities to measure & respond to global censorship events (discussion of challenges & brainstorming on strategies). Facilitator: Maria Xynou [scheduled]
  • Mapping needs for Global South community members [scheduled]
  • Tor funding: how do we move beyond the scarcity model?/Funding update in general [needs facilitator]

Unstructured Days

  • Network and Metrics team should sit down together and figure out which statistics collected by "tor" are needed, useful, debatable, removable or burnable with fire. (Note partial overlap with PrivCount in Tor team meeting session)
  • Mobile meeting: Everyone who are into mobile projects with Tor should sit down and discuss the progress that have been made since Montreal and what the next challenges are.
  • Pluggable Transports on Mobile: getting the pluggable transport libs building and nicely bundled for use on Android, etc.
  • Come up with a plan for a trial process for 24148 (Start a program where developers can call out volunteers for swag and glory). This should include Jon and Kat, as well as reps from various teams.
  • Finish the Statement of Values so that we can begin the SoV/Code of Conduct vote when the Rome meeting ends. [scheduled]
  • Scaling Tor network (in the technical sense)
  • Let's talk about the Fusion project
  • Making progress on Tor running in-process on iOS (#23684)
  • Secure and private measurements in Tor
  • Tor denial-of-service attacks and defenses
  • Vanguards and Tor path selection
  • Bandwidth authorities session
  • Research direction session
  • User acquisition/retention
  • Insights on user issues: discussing important themes. (Power user needs vs. regular user needs): Pari
  • How do we make Tor Browser faster?
  • Should Tor Browser include an ad blocker?
  • Plans for creating more Tor Browser locales
  • Fundraising from users
  • What do we do about blocking in China?
  • Browser fingerprinting resistance
  • Browser hardening
  • Tor researchers meetup
  • Website presentation!!!!!!!!!!
  • run a relay campaign for Latin America
  • Global South update and roadmap
  • Doing outreach to other groups/people who aren't well represented in Tor
  • Strategies for teaching Tor
  • Infra/services best practices sharing session with other organizations and groups.
  • Setting priorities as an org
  • OnionMX: delivering mail over tor, current status, challenges