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Explain the privcount in tor comment

  • make sure to use bullets for your ideas, and include a facilitator if you have one

Structured Days

  • Frontdesk team should meet and discuss the Frontdesk@ queue and next steps. Facilitator: Colin [scheduled]
  • Mental Health session. Facilitator: Colin + 1 [scheduled]
  • Speak of onion services: Report/discuss standardizing how we talk of onion services vs the less-secure web for consistency, truthfulness, clarity, not feeding trolls. Facilitator: Paul [scheduled]
  • Self-authenticating subdomains: Report on/plan/coordinate putting onion addresses/protections into domain names and browser implications. Facilitator: Paul [scheduled]
  • Building communities to measure & respond to global censorship events (discussion of challenges & brainstorming on strategies). Facilitator: Maria Xynou [scheduled]
  • Mapping needs for Global South community members [scheduled]
  • Tor funding: how do we move beyond the scarcity model?/Funding update in general [needs facilitator]

Unstructured Days

  • Network and Metrics team should sit down together and figure out which statistics collected by "tor" are needed, useful, debatable, removable or burnable with fire.
    • For statistics we want to keep, we should work out which ones really need the secure aggregation provided by PrivCount in Tor, and do them first.
  • Mobile meeting: Everyone who are into mobile projects with Tor should sit down and discuss the progress that have been made since Montreal and what the next challenges are.
  • Pluggable Transports on Mobile: getting the pluggable transport libs building and nicely bundled for use on Android, etc.
  • Come up with a plan for a trial process for 24148 (Start a program where developers can call out volunteers for swag and glory). This should include Jon and Kat, as well as reps from various teams.
  • Finish the Statement of Values so that we can begin the SoV/Code of Conduct vote when the Rome meeting ends. [scheduled]
  • Scaling Tor network (in the technical sense)
  • Let's talk about the Fusion project
  • Making progress on Tor running in-process on iOS (#23684)
  • Secure and private measurements in Tor
  • Tor denial-of-service attacks and defenses
  • Vanguards and Tor path selection
  • Bandwidth authorities session(s)
    • Bandwidth Authorities: What features must they have? (Minimal viable product spec) Facilitator: teor
    • Bandwidth Authority Implementation: Next Steps
  • Research direction session
  • User acquisition/retention
  • Insights on user issues: discussing important themes. (Power user needs vs. regular user needs): Pari
  • How do we make Tor Browser faster?
  • Should Tor Browser include an ad blocker?
  • Plans for creating more Tor Browser locales
  • Fundraising from users
  • What do we do about blocking in China?
  • Browser fingerprinting resistance
  • Browser hardening
  • Tor researchers meetup
  • Website presentation!!!!!!!!!!
  • run a relay campaign for Latin America
  • Global South update and roadmap
  • Doing outreach to other groups/people who aren't well represented in Tor
  • Strategies for teaching Tor
  • Infra/services best practices sharing session with other organizations and groups.
  • Setting priorities as an org
  • OnionMX: delivering mail over tor, current status, challenges
  • Core Tor: complicated tickets session:
    • single-hop onion service protocol defences (#17945)
    • guardfraction removal (#24456)