Core Tor Continuous Integration

Locations of existing public repositories

(These are the sites hosting official Tor repositories or repositories of individual developers.)

  • (canonical repo is here)
  • (experimental/pilot self-hosted GitLab?)

Locations of existing CI platforms

  • pixelminers buildbot (BSD architectures only?; fed only by canonical repo on git.tpo)
  • (self-hosted; fed only by canonical repo on git.tpo)
  • (self-hosted GitLab CI; resource-limited; only builds team member repos)
  • (fed by


  • GitLab is open source
  • GitHub is closed source
  • GitHub has a much larger user base. Network effects are important. (Also, we can't really expect external contributors to create an account on our self-hosted GitLab!)
  • Travis is easiest for any of us to fix when it breaks. Even external contributors can help if they have a fork! Just editing one file (.travis.yml is enough for most things). It also can build stuff pre-merge (including pull requests!).
  • Very few people have access to fix Jenkins when it breaks. Its summary output is also hard to read/navigate
  • Jenkins covers more platforms, while Travis covers fewer. It also can't build stuff pre-merge.
  • Appveyor is one way to get Windows coverage and is about as easy as Travis to set up
  • The ability to build (and run tests on) branches and pull requests before they get merged does amazing things to improve code quality and save reviewers effort.


  • New code review will be in the form of pull requests on This allows us to see whether a contribution even builds before spending effort manually reviewing it.
  • Travis will be our primary CI in that we'll expect it to always work on master or release branches. We'll drop everything to fix it if it breaks.
  • Appveyor will probably also be in this category when we get it set up.

Remaining the same for now

  • is still our canonical repository
  • issue tracking remains at (pull requests need an associated Trac ticket; we can help newcomers with this if need be)

To Do

  • Taylor will email network-team with near-term recommendations [DONE]
    • how to set up accounts on github and travis
    • major changes (near-term)
  • Investigate 32-bit stuff on Travis (e.g., 32-bit package whitelists for containerized builds)
  • Set up Appveyor
  • Write documentation for contributors

Stuff to defer

  • what to do about the confusing existence of two similarly-named org accounts (torproject and thetorproject) on
  • what to do about making accidentally hitting the big shiny merge button less of a problem (it might not be that big a problem in practice)
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