Localization session

There are many projects (Tor, Tails, F-Droid, SecureDrop, OnionShare, Riseup, EFF, etc.) and we want to create a single localization platform that we all share. This way the same community of translators can use a single site and help with all projects.

What software will we use? Who will host it?

We can likely write a proposal and get funding-- if Tor switches from Transifex, Localization Lab can pay for hosting/managing it instead of Transifex.

Weblate seems like the winner, for everyone here.

SecureDrop community hosts Maybe riseup? Maybe EFF?

Things we're doing:

  • Make a new mailing list -- linguine@…
  • micah@riseup, leez@eff, and redshiftzero@fpf will go talk to their people about the positibility of hosting a central server, then report back to the mailing list

Budget to apply for funding:

  • $65k - Weblate dev (new features, easier importing translations, etc)
  • $10k - Weblate hosting setup
  • $30k - Integration with common platforms (Android, iOS, Lektor, etc)
  • $45k - Moving Localization Lab from Transifex to Weblate
  • $10k - Lektor dev: choosing language without JS, easy publishing
  • Moving sites to Lektor:
    • $12k - riseup
    • $5k - onionshare
    • $5k - guardianproject
    • $15k - f-droid
    • $15k - tor blog
    • $20k - tails

Total: $232

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