Daily bandwidth reporting is still enabling guard discovery attacks and so would be a priority for privcount. Difficult to do later to enable comparison to traditional metrics collection. Aim to remove the bandwidth graphs from Relay Search. Bandwidth authorities would use 10-second peak bandwidth (ignoring all self-reported metrics if bwauth metrics are available).

Adding noise to the 10 second maximum bandwidths (which is the observed bandwidth).

Protocol warning counters, maybe 160

IPv4/6 Exit/Entry/Relay to Relay

Client counts Consensus fetches

Rate limited log messages (along with protocol warnings) maybe 100

Metrics size considerations: peer flow could be producing 500MB of data per day. This would only go to the tally reported though, so metrics would store only aggregates.


Metrics should look through the extra info descriptors and identify metrics that are no longer required.

Move all stats to either privcount or throw them away. Can add less noise when using privcount than would otherwise be necessary.

Probabilistic data types to determine number of unique IP addresses (in the future). Probabilistic Counting Stochastic Averaging.

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