Swag for volunteers (March 13, 2018 15:00)

Attendees: Jon, Roger, Kat

This session is to come up with a trial process for addressing 24148. The idea is for teams to reflect on volunteers who have made a significant contribution that they want to acknowledge and appreciate by offering swag.

The plan

  • Ask each team to add this to their regular meeting agendas.
  • When a team identifies someone, they contact them and invite them to email tshirt@ to claim swag.
  • The team lets us know they've contacted someone and tells us whether they want the person to receive a "normal" or "special" level gift.
  • We handle the request within the regular tshirt@ workflow.

Other notes

  • Kat will send the initial email to team leads.
  • We'll also ask teams to consider people who have made a significant contribution in the past.
  • We'll see how this goes over the next months.
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