Tor backbone fitness and the future of relays worldwide

Relay operators news per country (chat)

  • Encripta Sao Paulo and Fortaleza can have a regulator to setup a relay
  • The political situation in Catalunia, eg. a case of a Globalleaks service people are scared. Librelab in Spain may be willing to run relays.
  • UK network, JANET, charging per connection, 2 relays in the universities
  • Check ticket for language translations of the exit notice page
  • 34c4 irl notes?
  • Centralization is not that good
  • Pros and cons of having very high-speed relays

Bridges (short update)

  • Marionette pluggable transport can be used with Tor -> tested and working (interface with Tor Browser)
  • Bridges and packaging issues and options
  • We have all pluggable transports in *BSDs
  • Strategies of getting more relays everywhere

Universities, organizations, non profits organizations, companies security consultants,

  • Tor relay campaigns
  • Monthly meetups, relay operators gatherings
  • How-to/instruction of setting up your own IP delegation, BGP, getting abuse email
  • Is there a DB of common SPAM abuse email requests
  • Relay operators legal Trac page
  • Sina is looking for names to put behind "Red team" hosting Tor servers in North America
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