Future Tor Meeting Plans

When/Where we holding the next meeting(s)?

  • Going forward, we want to alternate between 'Global North' in the Summer and 'Global South' in the Winter
  • At least 6 months or so apart
  • Erin: we should be chasing summer
  • We should ensure meetings so not fall on the various religious holidays (Jewish, Muslim, Christian)
  • Anything after the middle of November to end of the year is not going to happen
  • Shari: Historically we've straddled the Atlantic, move to alternating Europe/NA <-> SA/Africa/Asia

Fall 2018


  1. São Paulo, Brazil
    • Original plan, but per our Brazukas on the ground São Paulo not the bes idea currently due to political climate
    • Elections: 7th of October
  2. Santiago, Chile
    • Pros:
      • Comparable flight cost to Sao Paulo
      • Alison: Cheaper for Europeans
      • Less issue getting Visas:
        • Kat via wikipedia: 90 countries Visa free (including USA), others buy may buy at the border
      • South Americans don't need passports (?)
    • Cons:
      • Altitude potential problem, need a few day buffer to adapt?


  • Potential Dates: 1st, 2nd or 4th week of October

Summmer 2019


  • Stockholm
    • Suggested by ln5


  • Sometime in the summer, tentatively July
    • Good for those with childrens

Spring 2020


  • Somemwhere in the Global South tbd
  • suhkbir: Mumbai and Bangalore work well anytime, best is October/November (in terms of weather)


  • January/February timeframe

Unstructured vs Structured Days

  • overall alternating structured with unstructured seems to be popular
  • intrigeri:
    • separate team meetings first good
    • likes alternating structured and unstructured
    • open day in the middle way less stresssful
  • Jon: unstructured days necessary so he has time to sleep
  • Kat: unstructured allows open space to schedule, more dynamic throughout the week is good

State of the Onion

Discussed different format for the future:

  • Select presenters a month or so ahead of time
  • Create a combined slideshow presentation to go through
  • Each team should answer questions:
    • Accomplishment since last Tor meeting
    • What are teams proud of?
    • What has been challenging?
    • What does the team want to accomplish at this meeting?
  • Don't stretch out to full hour, presentations should be short and to the point
  • Would give everyone context on what the rest of Tor is doign

Open days and new people

Open problem: bringing in new users to local days and integrating and making them feel welcome

  • Matt: Open days have changed, used to basically just be a hackathon, now more scheduled meetings, planned colabs, etc
  • Richard: We should provide some sort of orientation session, similar to State of the Onion for new folks so they have some idea of what's going on and who they should talk to so they can get involved in areas they are intereted in
  • Jon: Open up the party, or some other event for non-Tor folks?
  • Alison:
    • Partner up with a local host (club, university, etc) for a meetup
    • Proposed new daily schedule:
      1. Team Meetings
      2. Structured Day
      3. Unstructured Day
      4. Structured Day
      5. Tor Meetup
  • Shari:
    • Roger had a talk at a local event (in Montreal?) that happened coincidentally
    • Unstrucutred days really don't work with newbies/locals, Tor people want to hack with Tor people in unstructured days
    • Should schedule meetups where we are't trying to get work done and focus on new peopl
  • intregeri: End of the day (3-7 PM) a good time for socializing during unstructured days, people are generally finished working and just being social
  • Kat:
    • State of the Onion for new people, include diagram of team organization, global picture of the org
    • Reception for new folks?
    • Wine and cheese?

Meeting Budget

  • Yearly meeting budget ~$300k in 2018
  • Could save some money if we encouraged folks to book flights earlier
  • Providing dates earlier helps people plan their travel, and is super important for those dealing with Visas
  • People holding events at ajacent times (like network team) need to nail down their dates sooner as well
  • Holding the meeting in same hotel as people are staying in is generally cheaper than getting a separate venue
  • Finalizing invite list sooner would also be helpful, as late additions are much more expensive
  • Jon: this meeting has cost a bit more than Seattle, but has been way less stressful for organizers
  • Shari: future we can probably get grants for travel, especially if we regularly hold meetings in Global South

Meeting Space

  • Audio quality should be a consideration in the future
  • Taylor: Many of us have a hard time perceiving speech with lots of background noise
  • Shari: preferring spaces with carpet would help a lot
  • Jon: having the meeting in same building (or close walk to) as hotel is great, people can retire whenver with ease

Meetig Prep

  • more people heling prep makes Alison's life easier
  • current crew:
    • Shari
    • Alison
    • Jon
    • Gunner
  • future volunteers:
    • Lorenzo
    • Sukhbir (Visas)
    • Alison
    • Julie
    • Kat
    • Taylor
    • Erin
    • Jon
    • ilv
    • Shari
    • egypcio


  • Label the meats
  • More varied vegetarian protein
  • ingredient lists are great
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