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    3636=== Sessions outside of the meeting venue ===
    37 [ Relay operators meetup, 18:30 @ CSOA Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy]
     37==== Relay operators meetup ====
     39A group will depart from The Rome Life Hotel at 17:35, on Thurday 15/03/2018 be sure to be there if you want to join the group, otherwise please follow the instructions from Termini Station it takes ~50 minutes to reach the place by public transportation:
     42Get out of Termini Station from the left side exit on via Giovanni
     43Giolitti, take the tram 5 in direction for "piazza dei Gerani" and get
     44off after 19 stops, at the stop named Delpino, before the tram turns on
     45via Parlatore.
     46Walk straight on via Federico Delpino for 250m, slightly uphill, when
     47you get to the park in front of you take the steps to enter the park
     48walk straight and take the steps going down. You'll see a Fortress,
     49enter into it and ask for "sala concerti" also called "auditorium Renzo
     52To get back to the Termini station follow the steps in reverse!
     53If it's late in the night, same steps in reverse but instead of going to
     54the stop "Delpino" and get the tram, go to the stop "Parlatore" that is
     55in the street on the left just before the stop where you arrived, and
     56take the night bus N12 in direction for "Piazza Venezia", get off after
     5715 stops at the stop "Termini MA-MB-FS".
     60Location: 41.8923495N,12.5692442E,
     62Local event link:
     64Torproject blog link: