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    6868(YearCity/Notes|Session Notes
    7170= Nearby (temporally and physically) conferences =
    7574= Local Medical Resources =
     76The hospital emergency number is: 118.
    7778== Pharmacy / Chemist ==
    7980There's a pharmacy less than 100m from the hotel on Via Milano 54 (Farmacia Quirinale di Maria Cristina Nisi). It's open daily from 8:30am to 7:30pm, and between 8:30am to 1pm on Saturdays. It's closed on Sundays.
     82Every pharmacy has a sign next to their door with a list of all nearby pharmacies and their opening hours for that week. If you are looking for an open pharmacy you can also try searching on the web for "Farmacie aperte".
    8184== Doctor ==
     86If you have health issues, probably the best thing is to go to the emergency room (pronto soccorso) and ask to see a doctor. Italy is a civilised country where if you go to the hospital without insurance, you don't have to ask for a mortgage to pay the bill.
    8388= Interesting local stuff =
    8994== Restaurants ==
     96   "If you don't care about how we cook stick to your Burgers and Leave our dishes alone." - Some Italian mad at food
     98In Italy we love food and are very passionate about it, as such we make some of the best food in the world.
     100|| Restaurant Name  || Address  || Known for || Notes ||
     101|| Dar Bruttone || Via Taranto 118 (San Giovanni) || Traditional roman cuisine with a twist || Try their "Carbonara Tartufata" ||
     102|| Vecchia Roma || Via Ferruccio, 12 (Piazza Vittorio) || Traditional roman trattoria, with pizza || It's a pretty small place ||
     103|| Da bucatino || Via Luca della Robbia, 84 || Trattoria || Must get bucatini all'amatriciana, don't worry they give you a bib to not get your shirt dirty ||
     104|| Dar Poeta || Vicolo del Bologna, 45 || Pizzeria || You will most likely have to wait a bit to get a table and you can't reserve, but it's worth it ||
     105|| Emma || Via del Monte della Farina, 28 || Fancy Pizza place || ||
     106|| Urbana 47 || Via Urbana, 47 || Hipster Italian cuisine || ||
     108=== Coffee ===
     110In Italy we love coffee, as such you will have a hard time finding bad coffee.
     112If you walk into any bar and you ask for a coffee, you will get an espresso coffee, as it should be.
     114These are the possible variations on an espresso:
     116* Lungo (long)
     117* Ristretto (short)
     118* Al vetro (in a glass cup)
     119* In tazza grande (in a big cup)
     120* Americano  (with added water)
     121* Macchiato a caldo (with a dash of hot milk)
     122* Macchiato a freddo (with a dash of cold milk)
     124You can also get a cappuccino in every cafè and it's also very good.
     126Don't ask for a "Latte", you will get a glass of milk.
     128While it's true that most bars, even the shady one next to the train station, offer excellent coffee experiences, there are some that do stand out:
     130* Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè - Piazza di San Eustachio, 82 - They roast their own beans and I would recommend buying some coffee here to bring back.
    91132== Sightseeing in Rome ==