FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels

A lot of Tor people are talking about going to FOSDEM. This page is made to track what we want to do, what the status is, and who is going.

FOSDEM takes place 2nd and 3rd of February, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium, but the social event takes place on the evening of the 1st of February.

You can read more about FOSDEM on their website at


  • Roger has a Tor talk accepted in the main-track.
  • Tor does has requested a stand. Stephw is looking for other projects that may want to share their stand.
  • Iain has had a Tor Metrics talk accepted for the Monitoring dev room, Sunday at 13:50
  • Network and Metrics team are organizing a hackweek the week before fosdem so many of people in both teams are going to be there.
  • Sysadmin team is meeting Thu and Fri right before FOSDEM

We might want to:

  • Submit content to the "Decentralized internet & privacy room". Their CFP is at
  • Host a Relay Operators meeting somewhere in Brussels (either at FOSDEM or somewhere else in the evening?)
  • There will be an Open Design track - Anto would like to present UX Team work.

Volunteers for booth at FOSDEM

The people from FOSSASIA graciously offered to share their booth at FOSDEM with us. We are going to bring shirts and swag and we will need volunteers to be at the stand.
Add yourself to the table if you can volunteer for being at the booth:

Day Time Who or Whos :)
Saturday 10:00 gaba,
Saturday 11:00
Saturday 12:00
Saturday 13:00
Saturday 14:00 ahf
Saturday 15:00 ahf, boklm
Saturday 16:00 ln5, asn, boklm
Saturday 17:00 asn, ln5
Saturday 18:00
Sunday 10:00 gaba, juga
Sunday 11:00
Sunday 12:00
Sunday 13:00 anto, juga
Sunday 14:00 ahf, anto, boklm
Sunday 15:00 ahf, juga, boklm
Sunday 16:00 ln5, juga
Sunday 17:00 asn, ln5
Sunday 18:00

Talks at FOSDEM


Nearby conferences


Person Attending Arriving Departing
ahf Yes 27 Jan 4 Feb
antonela Yes 31 Jan 4 Feb
arma Yes Jan 29 Feb 4
boklm Yes 1 Feb 4 Feb
dgoulet Yes ?? ??
gaba Yes Jan 27 Feb 4
irl Yes ? ?
mo Yes Jan 27 Feb 5
george Yes ?? ??
hiro Yes ?? ??
haxxpop Yes Jan 27 Feb 5
DrWhax Yes ~31 3 feb
Alison Maybe ?? ??
teor Yes early a few days after
ln5 Yes 30 Jan 4 Feb
Wizzup Yes ?? ??
pulls Yes 1 Feb 4 Feb
merge Yes 1 Feb 4 Feb
juga Yes early next day
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