# What to do in 2 years?

A vision for Tor, the tool and the organization.

(group 1)

Social And cultural

  • Volunteers can contribute easier
  • Technical leadership is non cis-male-white
  • Structure way to do things (team with different backgrounds, from different teams. Standar process)
  • Strong feedback loop on how difficult is to use Tor
  • More corss-team interaction
  • Good ticket system, where people can submit tickets better than in trac.
  • Better internal tooling


  • Better developer documentation (revisit torguts and move it to general repo)
  • Quality and development practice
  • Exists being banned (usability)
  • Performance (usability)
  • Captcha problem (research and resolve)

Bigger dream

  • No need for Tor in the world

(group 2)

time to experience with stuff (and fail) rapid response methods for censorship team formation

  • how it is growing
  • subteams
  • people from different places
  • even windows people

long standing security issues

  • identify and learn in a fact way (and possible fixing them)

UX of metrics

  • metrics should be a nice website where people can find the information they want
    • for example as a realay operatro i should be able to learn how good my relay is
  • ipv6 relay should works
  • better on automation
    • censorship responsen

(group 3)

tor by default (in operating systems by default) measure and know what we need for the long term GOALS hs naming scale to vast amount of relays solve datagram problems revised specs

  • try to have a specification dev to have a better implementation

solve congestion user never has to set an option user never reads logs modules! building as a lcient library small pieces better worst-case performance use privcount to find bottlenecks offline authorities


  • every time we do prioritzation to look at the users stories as a reminder
  • for the network team: access to user stories that affect users the most
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