what NOT worked

Retrospective was on one topic. It should have moved on to other important topics.
Maybe having more sessions remotely (maybe via voice). We won't have so many topics acuulated.
I still don't have a good handle on future tasks: what aren't we doing. what we forgot?
Not many rooms for meetings
We didn't have one dinner with the whole team.
Roadmap and retrospective on different days.
ASN's key management skills
Random trac tickets in roadmapping - grooming backlog weird | closing old tickets would be good.
Need different hand signals for I want to talk next about the same point or I want to talk about a different point.
Not so good at time keeping toward end of the week.
Noisy lights.
I wanted even more time.
Still have everyone talking at once for too long.
I didn't have energy for downtime and social time
I want more downtime and social time.
Weather did not work
Social planners didn't work
No warm place to smoke
More pair programming sessions!

what worked

We did mostly stick to our schedule
Two-phase roadmapping is great.
Notes went up very fast
Capacity estimation in roadmap (for now)
A lot of sessions and ideas
Talks (presentation)
Presentation on projects - nice preparation
Roadmapping - second less stressful. Points planning helpful.
Breaks was good - I did not felt too overwhelmed.
Colocation with FoSDEM
Brainstorming sessions ideas | schedule on the wall
Hotel facilities
F2F discussions -> actionable items
Roadmap closing session looked like it went very well
Split the large group in small group and hacking
Schedule sessions on the 60
1 presentation per day
Sticky NotesHaving Metrics/UX/Sysadmin part of the meeting
Regular Breaks
Discussions were good and respectvul
I feel fully onboard
The presentation sessions were very helpful to get different perspectives on a problem
Network TEam roadmapping discovered tasks for metrics and fed them in
It was fun
Good amount of working hours per day
Snowflake design and planning
Roadmap went smooth
Roadmapping less stressful than previous
Organized discussions with notes, goals and actions
Roadmap and sponsor point limits
More relaxed than previous hackfests

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