what worked

changing meetings times works for me
some weekly meetings can also include Teor
good with s19 and team check-ins
planning was better for 0.4.0
1:1 more often is good
CI+github has been great
I feel like I know what we are doing as a team
WTF-pad merge was extremely smooth
0.4.0 feature freeze was very smooth
Less rotating roles is good
We released with good features, quality, few bugs and on time
Using points for roadmapping
More in-depth and structured hiring process
Travis CI

Topic for discussion:

How a lack of team diversity affects the quality of our work


  • bring conversation about it
  • revisit policy
  • come up with things we fail because of it

--> Talk more about how our mostly homegeneous perspective impedes us from accomplishing our mission (6 votes)

. hiring . mentoring


Grow beyond cyberpunk culture when windows break we don't notice

what is the mission of the network team toward users? organizing hiring across the organization consistently meetings not in the north

next steps:

  • revisit mission statement
  • discuss process on getting feedback
  • discuss hiring process
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