Set goals for discussions.
Discussions have action items; action items have owners.
Use next-steps-oriented criticism.
Group conversations should be well balanced.
Write down notes and summary on board.
Don't talk over others.
Share knowledge.
It is okay to disagree.
Give background as you start talking about stuff; we don't all the same things.
Remember that not everybody has English as a first language.  Speak slowly and enunciate.
Remember that not everybody knows everything about Tor
Establish shared understanding of what we are trying to do
Don't interrupt.
Use hand signals to indicate agreement, questions.
It's okay to ask questions or not know things.
Don't dominate the conversation.
Take notes and report out
Don't put people on the spot.
Speak slowly.
Interact and mingle with other teams.
Let people know somehow, directly or through a mediator, when they are messing up these agreements
Be willing and patient when explaining new concepts to people.
Listen to people when they share differing perspectives and positions; don't dismiss, negate, or defend.
It's okay to ask questions
Be willing and patient when explaining

Acknowledge what people say, don't leave them wondering whether you heard.
Don't repeat yourself over and over.
Respect weak eyes and ears: write large.
When we set goals, make sure we are working towards them. Check in periodically & regularly with our shared goals.
It's okay to change goals or end a session early.
Prefer change of systemic issues over blaming people.
Respect that people get tired from talking and listening all day.
Acknowledge our shared purpose.
Please close your laptops when not using.

Make sure we start and end on time: the next session is important too.  And so is the break.

Let people take breaks whenever needed.

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