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     1Network Traffic Patterns in Snowflake
     5- we only use the WebRTC data channel in Snowflake becuause it uses tcp, media channels use udp
     6- we don't have a way to transmit censorship-resistant data using unreliable protocols (eg UDP) - a solution for this is QUIC
     7- QUIC components could be implemented on top of media streams to encode data in the media channels
     8- so far data channels used mostly for gaming
     9- mike has a side project to use quic in Tor so that packets don't get buffered in a hop
     11-fingerprintability comes from:
     12    - using data channel (not a concern)
     13    - outdated WebRTC clients/libraries -more important- meek was blocked for a while cause it was using old versions of firefox, problem was implementation, not the protocol
     15- go library?
     16- Snowflake uses a c++ library took from chrome some time ago
     18-Code needs to be adapted to what current users are using:
     20    - browsers are always mostly updated automatically
     22    - need to track when google make new releases of chrome
     24    - maintaining code with the current library is painful: it has their own language/implementation. Difficult to maintain cause they'll change stuff.
     27-Snowflake could switch to the WebRTC implementation of Firefox:
     29    - 5% users are firefox which is still a lot of colateral damage for censors
     31    - we could eliminate the c++ code and potentially build snowflake reproducibly on windows
     33    - concern: put maintenance of this on the browser team
     35    - needs to start Tor Browser with a different profile different from the default (to behave more like firefox without all plugins)
     37    - meek must do something similar, which can be copied
     39    - go application that listen on websocket and html page inside firefox report to that
     42ACTION: Investigate how meek implements a browser profile (ticket)
     44    - look more at the meek workflow
     46    - meek uses only tb
     48    - if something that meek does could be problematic, tak with tb how much could take to change
     51-Need to investigate the suitability of the Firefox WebRTC implementation:
     53    - is webrtc implementation different in different browsers?
     56-Need to review encryption in WebRTC:
     58    - what is the encryption in webrtc?, uses gTLS?, is it oportunistic? (yes, don't have certificates, just the handshake)
     60    - that's not a problem for us cause we do what in data channel?
     62    - the data in data channel is already encrypted, so it doesn't matter which encryption data channels use
     65- ticket about building snowflake on 32-bit machines - is this something we need to support (no)
     66- support requirements are different for clients vs proxies
     67- Firefox ESR = extended support version that many business use
     68- worth to spend time to change to TB
     69- TB team is going to build it