# Network Team

A meeting of the Tor network team with the goals

  • refactoring code
  • distribute knowledge
  • technical debt reduction
  • roadmap adjustment
  • process adjustment
  • longer-term goals brainstorming?
  • focusing on self-care so people do not get overwhelm/exhausted

Week at a glance

  • Sun, 27 Jan: People arrive
  • Mon, 28 Jan:
  • Tue, 29 Jan:
  • Wed, 30 Jan:
  • Thu, 21 Jan:
  • Fri, 1 Feb: Many people leave in the evening
  • Sat, 2 Feb: People leave for home or to fosdem
  • Sat, 3 Feb: Fosdem
  • Sat, 4 Feb: Fosdem



Contact Gaba or Jon


Contact Gaba or Jon


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending Arriving Departing
gaba Y Jan 27 Feb 2

If you're on the network team or a related researcher, and you chose not to add yourself to the above table, please be sure to let Jon know whether you are coming or not coming!

People from tor going to fosdem:

Draft Agenda


Session Notes

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