What is the Tor Meeting?

A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests in Stockholm, to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines, and other important matters.

Please read our documents:

Participant Guidelines (in English)

Code of Conduct (in English)

Week at a glance

  • July 11: people arrive - hotel check in day
  • July 12: meeting day
  • July 13: meeting day
  • July 14: meeting day
  • July 15: people leave - hotel check out day

Pre/Post Meeting Events

  • July 11: Arrival dinner
  • July 15: Open Day for Privacy, Usability, and Transparency (PUT 2019)
  • July 15-20: Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS)


Agenda for invitation-only days


Materials and equipment needed





The event venue will be located at in Stockholm. (map)

Location in Campus: Malvinas väg 6B, Q-huset, floor 3, KTH Campus




If you're booking extra nights at the hotel, you can sign up as a member for a 20%-30% discount on room rates. They also allow members to cancel bookings for free, up to 1400 on the day of arrival. (You'll need to give them some personal information to book or become a member.)

Important things to know before your arrival in Sweden



The Flygbussarna seems to stop quite close to the hotel. Take the Stockholm City route to the Norra Stationsgatan. More information available here:



If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table.

(Remember, all of the days are invitation only.)

A note about name tags: Pronouns optional; Even if you think yours are obvious, please consider displaying them anyway to help us create a more welcoming environment, especially for those of us for whom strangers often assume incorrect pronouns. Also, we'll have plenty of blank name tags at the event, in case of changes or misprints.

Person Attending Arriving Departing Name for name tag Pronouns for name tag (optional) Special Dietary Needs
Antonela Yes ? ? antonela she/her
Al Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Al (alsmith) they/them
Alex Yes 11 Jul 21 Jul Alex (ahf) he/him
Alison Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Alison (flexlibris) she/her
Erin W Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Erin (ewyatt) she/her
GeKo Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Georg (GeKo)
Gaba Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Gaba (Gaba) she/her/they vegetarian
George Yes ? ? asn (george) he/him
irl Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Iain (irl) he/him vegan preferred
Jon Yes 9 Jul 15 Jul Jon he/him None
Julius Yes ? ? Julius he/him
Pili Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Pili she/her
Roger Yes 10 or 11 Jul 21 Jul Roger he/him
sajolida Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul sajolida he vegetarian
Steph Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Steph (stephw) she/her no dairy/peanuts
ilv No - - - - -
Rob Jansen Yes 11 Jul 20 Jul Rob Jansen he/him vegan
Philipp Winter Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Philipp (phw) he/him
egypcio Yes ? ? Vinícius (egypcio) he/him
Will Shackleton Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Will Shackleton he/him
Sarah Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Sarah (sstevenson) she/her no gluten
Bekeela Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Bekeela (bdavila) she/her
Cecylia Yes 11 Jul TBD Cecylia (cohosh) she/her vegetarian
Griffin Yes 10 Jul 15 Jul Griffin (saint) he/him
amoghbl1 Yes 11 Jul TBD amoghbl1 he/him
Taylor Yu Yes ? ? Taylor (catalyst) they/she
teor Yes ? ? teor they/them Yes
David F. Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul David Fifield
Linus Yes decades ago never Linus (ln5) he/him vegetarian
Sukhbir N
Benjamin Yes 11 Jul 17 Jul Benjamin (tla) he/him
Richard Yes 10 Jul 15 Jul Richard (pospeselr) they/them vegetarian preferred but you know whatever
Gus Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Gus (ggus) he/him vegetarian
dgoulet Yes ? ? David Goulet (dgoulet) he/him
pastly Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Matt (pastly) he/him vegetarian
mo Yes 11 Jul 22 Jul mo he/him
Steven Murdoch Yes 13 Jul 21 Jul Steven Murdoch (sjmurdoch) he/him
Duncan R. Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Duncan (dunqan) he/him vegetarian
ulrike Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Ulrike (u) she/her vegetarian
juga Yes juga they/them
boklm Yes Nicolas (boklm)
Arlo Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Arlo
kat No
isabela Yes 11 15 isabela she/her none
brade Yes 11 15 Kathy (brade) she/her none
mcs Yes 11 15 Mark (mcs) he/him none
pulls Yes 11 20 Tobias (pulls) he/him none
mtigas No :(
John Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul John (aquintex) he/him
Bill Budington No 11 Jul 15 Jul Bill (legind) he/him or they/them vegan
anarcat yes 10 jul 19 jul Antoine (anarcat) he/him vegetarian (no animals, eggs/milk/cheese okay)
Leonid (darkk) no
weasel y 11 15 weasel
hiro y 10 16 hiro vegetarian (no animals, eggs/milk/cheese okay)
micah y 10 16 micah he/him vegetarian (no animals, eggs/milk/cheese okay)
anonym y 12 14 anonym he
acat Yes 11 15 Alex C. (acat) he/him none
Pari Yes 11 15 Pari she/her
n8fr8 Yes 12 15 n8fr8 he/him swedish||||
Rasmus Dahlberg Yes 11 20 Rasmus (rgdd) he/him milk free
Tim Huang (Mozilla) Yes 11 15 Tim he/him
Lorenzo Yes 11 15 Lorenzo he/him
Paul Syverson Yes 11 Jul 20 Jul Paul Syverson
Alon Yes Alon he/him vegetarian
Jeremy Rand Yes 10 Jul 16 Jul Jeremy Rand he/him None
Arthur Edelstein Yes 11 15 Arthur Edelstein vegetarian
Kushal Das Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Kushal Das he/him None
Arturo yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Arturo he/him none
Federico Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Federico he/him vegetarian
Maria Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Maria (agrabeli) she/her
Sarath Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Sarath he/him None
Nick M Yes 11 Jul 17 Jul Nick he/him None
Simone Yes 11 Jul 15 Jul Simone (sbs) he/him
DrWhax Yes 14 Jul 15 Jul Jurre (DrWhax) he/him
redshiftzero Yes 12 Jul 15 Jul Jen (redshiftzero) she/her vegan
Person Attending Arriving Departing Name for name tag Pronouns for name tag (optional) Special Dietary Needs

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the tor-meeting mailing list to keep informed about plans.

Local Medical Resources

Additional Accommodations Near Our Hotel

Food and restaurants

Groceries / Supermarket

Interesting local stuff

Early morning runs

Anyone up for going on early morning runs to explore Stockholm? Pack your running shoes and let Philipp know!

Craft Beer

  1. Akkurat - - Hornsgatan 18, 118 20 Stockholm
  2. Omnipollos Hatt - - Hökens gata 1A, 116 46 Stockholm
  4. Brew Dog - Ringvägen 149B, 116 31 Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Bishops Arms Hornsgatan - - Hornsgatan 154, 117 28 Stockholm
  6. Lådan - Luntmakargatan 63, 113 58 Stockholm

Sightseeing in Stockholm

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