Arrival dinner, Stockholm July 11 2019

If you're invited to the meeting and would like to attend a dinner on the evening of July 11 at your own expense, please add your name to the table below. (And if you're not invited to the meeting but still would like to attend the dinner, contact Linus.)

Each participant will have to pay for themselves. Due to a fixed cost for the venue, the cost per person will depend on how many of us who sign up.

The cost for each participant will not exceed 200 SEK (EUR 20), not including drinks. There will be one dish. Vegan and gluten free. Drinks are still to-be-determined.

If you sign up below, we count on your contribution to the bill. If you list yourself here and later find out you cannot attend, please update your entry.

UPDATE 2019-07-09: Please bring at least 150 SEK in cash!

NOTE: Registration is kinda closed, so please contact Linus if you want to change anything below. Thanks!

Person Attending
Linus Yes
Jon Yes
Pili Yes
ewyatt Yes
Georg Yes
antonela Yes
Roger Yes
Sarah Yes
Gaba Yes
(Gaba) +1 Yes
boklm Yes
alsmith Yes
pospeselr Yes
dgoulet Yes
george Yes
grtrds Yes
isabela Yes
ahf Yes
John (aquintex) No
Alison No
Benjamin Yes
cohosh Yes
Julius No
mo Yes
acat Yes
micah Yes
biella Yes
juga Yes
sofi Yes
teor Yes
nickm Yes
legind No
Paul Syverson Yes
catalyst Yes
Jeremy Rand Yes
hiro Yes
sysrqb Yes
anarcat Yes
rachel yes
chelsea yes
Arlo yes
ulrike yes
(ulrike) + 1 yes
arthur yes
Kushal yes
Maria No
Sarath No
Cindy No
Sue Yes
stuge Yes
Steph Yes
Last row Pleas don't add more rows below this
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