Magic The Gathering

At the last Tor meeting, in Mexico, a lot of us had fun playing Magic The Gathering. I think many of the participants found it relaxing during the intense meeting days to be able to mentally check-out for a bit and play some cards with other Tor people.

For the Stockholm meeting we are going to try to arrange an evening where we can get together somewhere, play some cards, and get some take-away/roomservice for dinner.

We play a special form of Magic called "draft", which means that you don't have to bring anything to the event, except yourself. We will provide a bunch of cards, everyone pools into the pile to pay for the event (20ish USD per person), then we build some decks, and you get to keep the cards after the event, which allows you to play with the other Tor people during the meeting during breaks. This is an excellent way of relaxing.


Draft is an excellent way to play if you don't have your own deck of cards. The way it works is that you sign up below, show up at a yet-to-be-announced time.

We will provide you and everyone else with 3 "booster packs" (a small pack containing some Magic cards). Everybody opens one pack of boosters at the same time, pick one card from the booster, then pass it on to the person sitting next to you, we continue to do that until all of the round #1 boosters are empty, we then repeat this step with the two remaining booster packs for round #2 and #3, except that we rotate the direction of where we pass the booster packs for each new round.

Once we are done with the booster drafting process you will have some time to build your "final" deck using the cards you have "drafted" and some provided "land cards" (a resource used in the game that we take after the draft process) and you will now have a complete deck that you can play with during the stay in Stockholm and/or bring home and play with your friends at home. But before that we are going to play a small "tournament" using the drafted cards.

You can read more about the drafting process at

What do I need to bring to a draft?

Everything will be provided for you, but you do have to pay to participate because we are gonna open up new boosters which costs some money.

Usually it costs around 20-25 USD to participate. The cards you draft are yours after the event and you are free to play with them whenever you feel like. This makes it a good opportunity to get some cards to play with against others while we are in Stockholm.

I want to know a bit about Magic before I sign up

Please have a look at this excellent site:

If you have access to a Windows computer you can also install "Magic the Gathering Arena" and play the tutorials. They are interactive and against a computer. It should give you some basic understanding of the game.

If you don't have time to look at this before the event, that is okay. Go talk with one of the people on the list below who are willing to help newcomers and they can go over the game with you before the draft day.

Sign Up

For the draft we need to know how many people that are up for playing because we need to buy some booster packs and some land packs before we can play. Please sign up if you are up for joining. We need to be at least 8 people and if we are more than 8 people we are probably going to split into multiple smaller groups to accelerate the draft process so we have more play time.

We also ask if you are up for helping newcomers. This is such that we can try to group people together so that "experienced" players can help out new players during the draft process too. The goal is that it should be fun for everybody.

Please sign up here:

Nickname I'm up for drafting? Can help newcomers?
ahf Yes Yes
GeKo Yes Not really :(
asn Yes Yes
cohosh Yes A little
teor Yes Yes
gaba Yes A little
dgoulet Yes A little
micah Yes Sort of
nickm Yes yes
robgjansen Yes Medium
arturo Yes Medium
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