What does our ideal Blogging platform look like?

The blog seems to work more or less fine... until we do an update and then everything breaks and it's painful and we don't have the resources and or knowledge to fix it. What does our ideal blogging platform look like and how can we transition to something different

Facilitator(s): hiro/pili

Duration: 1h

Audience: stephw, anyone with a vested interest in the blog...


Rough Agenda:

  • Brainstorm Product Requirements
  • Brainstorm alternatives
    • e.g
  • Owners and Responsibilities
    • Maintenance and updates
    • Frontend work
    • ?
  • What if we don't migrate away from drupal?
    • We need someone to help us with drupal frontend work
      • Fix our template
      • ?


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Meeting Notes

  • Do we know how much we pay Pantheon?
    • hosting blog and it's good and good for updates
    • BUT they only do Drupal
  • Problems
    • template breaks all the time
    • we were paying someone to migrate the blog 3 years
    • the template is not for the blog
      • the migration was not finished
      • the template was not finished
    • Drupal plugin keeps bootstrap updated
      • we apply some updates
    • There's an additional template tor-drupal
    • There's an additional drupal plugin to make everything work together
      • cleans drupal logs - crypto log - already existing similar plugin
      • does a lot of additional stuff
  • We don't know how
  • How much would it cost for someone to fix the template? Can we leverage donations.tpo work/updates as a joint project?
  • Requirements
    • Development
      • Simple system
    • Maintenance
  • Product Requirements
    • Multiple authors
    • Events
    • Commenting
    • Comment moderation
    • Ability to publish under a particular author
    • tagging
    • redirects
    • multi language?
  • Things to solve
    • Migration of content
    • Calendar
      • can write something in ember to import ical from nextcloud
      • will require dev time
    • Who/Where is it going to be hosted?
    • Who is going to maintain
    • How much is it going to cost/save us?
  • Proof of concept?

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