11:15 - Network, Anti-Censorship and Metrics Teams roadmapping

We are going to use the same room to work on the roadmaps of network, anti-censorship and metrics teams. In that way we can roadmap per sponsor and be in touch of what other teams may need from each other.

13:30 - Lunch

15:00 - Network Team retrospective

17:30 - Report back plenary with Everybody at Tor


Topics people want to cover somehow (maybe they will come out in the retrospective?)

  • LTS policy (aka brainstorm better ways to support Debian/stable)
  • Expensive/inefficient processes, dev requirements, and workflows
  • Tooling improvements that could make us more efficient (aka how do we trust CI more, to rely less heavily on multi-party code review + long stablization periods?)
  • Performance tuning experiments and metrics review (needs network team + metrics team)
  • Performance+scalability R&D pipeline review: research, dev, testing items; review metrics for these.
  • How do we maintain sbws?
  • Team Priorities: for everybody to be on the same page about what are the priorities and agree on a way to change them between face2face meetings.


Things that are coming from past retrospectives

  • fewer big features?
    • are we actually working on our priorities? If not, should we

change our focus or our priorities? (Change what we are doing? Or change our priorities to match what we are already doing?)

  • Did we do any of the things we talked about this time? (In the May


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