Q: what is the status of the membership process update? A: The membership secretary is still the person who is in charge of it.

  • review the membership process
    • TPI employees leaving
    • TPI employees fired
    • community vs. membership process
    • amend community guidelines proposal
  • roger: check with Alison updates on docs or list of to-dos.

Q: back in Mexico the CC said that they have been working on documenting processes, where is that documentation? A: we didn't do that job. A: We preferred to move forward with the opened cases than write documentation.

Q: do we have a list of cases and resolutions made before? A: I have a draft spreadsheet. Q: could be helpful to make it public to avoid the culture of secrecy. Q: quarterly could be great.

Q: how many cases do you have opened? A: more than a dozen.

Q: how many cases are you passing by the new community council? A: One or two.

Q: I got a sense that cases were intense and not easy to close A: some cases took too much time, some others less. We were working in cases opened before.

Q: Is there any processes for reaching consensus? A: we were voting, a majority voting.

Q: are formal quorum rules wrote anyway? A: are between us, but not in papers. It is implicit. We could have it written.

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