Community Team Roadmapping

Facilitator(s): gus/pili?

Audience: Community Team + interested volunteers

Duration: 1 hour


Topics for discussion:

  • Sponsor work
    • S9
    • S30
  • Proposals
    • What work do we want to get funded this year
    • What roles do we want covered by the community team
    • Which events do we want to have a community presence at?
    • What campaigns do we want to push?
  • Other project work
    • The future of Global South Initiative

Desired outcomes:

  • We know what we are doing and where we are going for the next 6 - 9 months

Notes: 12th July

Pari's Notes: 1st hour

Community portal

Training materials Outreach materials

Soft launch with partners: end of July we should be happy with the state of the community portal. Gathering feedback until end of December

Need it live to the public by January

Content for community portal : All instructions are ready BSD things, bridge setup : egypcio We don’t have a link to

Kushal: Older wiki pages - some of the things are still linked. It needs to be easy for people to find them once we move them completely

Maintaining websites and migrating information - have this listed on the community portal for volunteers to contribute to (Gus : Sometimes we just need to convert pages from wiki - that do not require specific code skills)

More information on “How to Volunteer” - maybe for V2.

Kill trac - move everything to community portal

Review/update old documentation



  • Kenya
  • Uganada
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Mex
  • India
  • Indonesia

For phase-III:

Very concerned about public trainings

Solution: not running public training, but with partnerships with orgs. For every country, we have potential partner orgs who help us run these trainings. (They can decide how they want to run these trainings)

As part of the training resources:

Most of our trainers, not comfortable with OS specific questions they don’t use (Windows)

Therefore we need to have more documentation. Students: potential to get into the developer tool aspect with onion services (they may not have resources to purchase domains, etc.)

Training resources ready

  1. Onion services:

How to use, Secure drop + more

  1. About Tor:
  1. About Tails:

Onionshare on tails How to delete metadata

  1. How Tor network works, how to setup relays.

Sponsor work

Coordinating with Training partners to start trainings : Pili - we want them to work with our training materials, but maybe also pick up some things from their materials and incorporate them Preparing for the soft launch

Do we need Tor teachers?

What work do we need additional funding for:

  • Sponsorship for countries which sponsor 9 doesn’t work
  • We def need one person on the team: someone who is versatile vs. Someone more focused on one type of crowd.
  • Next fiscal year : maybe on a contract, etc.

Volunteers to help with

  1. A volunteer to check content of the support portal.
  1. Events watcher: someone to look for IF events , human rights events, journalism, youth gatherings, women gatherings
  1. Global south meeting facilitator : new faciliatotor, invite more people. (Pari willing to take this up)
  1. Relay campaign: update your relay
  1. Setup bridges (100) : S-30
  1. RT : other support channels : need someone to monitor it. (Kushal will find volunteers)

Someone who replies to user queries on RT, can refer to support portal. (points 3 and 6 are tied together)

Internship programme: Can be looked at as a way to get project specific commitments. Outreachy PSF

Pili's notes: 1st hour


  • What did we learn?
    • needed more people - 3 people needed
    • funders will ask lots of questions, need to have some pre-prepared answers
    • Countries that should be funded for travels
      • Beyond phase 3 look at countries that are not so developed for travels
  • Community portal, training materials and outreach materials
    • almost done, in community portal
    • community portal needs to be ready to be shared with partners by the end of july
    • Public-public launch
  • Kill trac, move everything to the community portal
    • review documentation, update,
    • e.g EFF, legal letter is still from 2014 - ACTION: ask partners to help us review and update
  • Staffing
    • We just have gus on payroll
    • short term contracts for UX side of projects
  • What kind of positions do we need to fill the work that we need to do in the next few months

Community Portal

  • Relay setup
    • help with BSD content
    • operating system diversity is important also
    • have guidelines on digital ocean,
    • link to tor needed
  • How to contribute to the website
  • How to volunteer?
    • Quiz? How do you want to volunteer directy? v2? Choose your own adventure?
    • What are you good at? What are you interested in and based on that you throw up different content
      • Mozilla has a good example
      • What can I do for Fedora?
        • Make it clear that there are plenty of options to choose from?
  • On Community portal? Linked with
  • Why are developers not on community portal?
    • Might be the only portal that is not going to be translated.
    • Developer portal is for "free software aspect "
  • Need people to help us convert the page from wiki to


  • Discussion: do we want to revive tor-teachers mailing list?
    • What is the goal for the list
    • Set expectations with partners that will be doing the training themselves
  • Standardize training materials
    • getting all the people together
    • Share modules for
  • Sponsor priorities
    • Africa
      • Kenya
      • Uganda
    • Colombia
  • Public partnerships?
    • are they going to sign something? agreement on what it means to be a partner with us and what their responsibilities are
  • No public trainings, partnerships also
    • partners decide how to run the training, we help them to set this up
      • not necessarily public
      • e.g small group of journalists, meetup
    • we've had no security incidents so far, we canceled a training during Thailand due to elections happening at the time.
  • Common troubleshooting for trainers
    • Can be discussed further in the User Research session
    • What about other operating systems/platforms, e.g windows
  • Capture new audiences for onion services as a developer tool
    • e.g students, don't have to pay for a vps, domain name, cert, etc...
  • S9/Current: End user workshops - how can users protect themselves using tor
  • Current: Relay Operator meetups - how to help end users to protect themselves using tor
  • Future: Onion Service workshops - benefits of Onion services


  • Need some funding to travel
  • Countries that other funders will care about
  • Need at least one more person on the team
  • 8 month turnaround for proposals

reaching diaspora audiences

  • e.g Tor 101 with brazilians in germany
  • Need to onboard more volunteers
    • How can we do that?
    • Start looking for potential people to bring in either as volunteers or contractors
    • What kind of work are we doing and what kind of work we need more volunteers?
      • support portal
        • content is outdated
        • egypcio
      • events watcher
        • Look for internet freedom events, human rights, journalism, social forums
      • facilitator for global south meetings
        • invite new people
        • pari
      • relays!!!
        • campaigns: update your relay!
        • set up a bridge - Add a slide about bridges on every talk
        • egypcio
      • community portal
        • migrating from trac to lektor
      • rt/frontdesk
        • kushal will find volunteers
        • irc summer school
        • people can cross check with support portal/review and update content
  • Do a 1 day
  • Localized t-shirt designs
  • Everyone that is doing a talk: Share our campaigns!!
    • Add a slide about updating relays
    • Add a slide about bridges
  • What about an internship program?
    • Outreachy


Roadmapping from July to Jan:


  • Contact partners
  • S9
  • Start coordinating with partners in Global south for soft launch of security training and UX feedback collection (Antonela and Nah need to be brought in)
  • Work with partners on slides (get feedback etc.)
  • Coordination of translations of slides and documentation
  • Comm portal : migrate from trac to lektor


  • Document the workflow for trainings to submit UX feedback (Tor-teachers?)
  • Launch of the prosnam internally with partners
  • Start organising local trainings (Risk analysis)
  • Talk with sponsor about public launch and community portal
  • Global south meeting agenda: next RT rotation, support portal: volunteer to check the content


  • Deliver first security training by partners
  • Collect and analyse feedback on how first training went
  • Global south meeting agenda:


  • Help organises plan for second round of training

Global south meeting agenda:


  • Conducting second round of trainings
  • Collect and analyse feedback from first training and prep for 3rd round


  • Collect and analyse feedback from 3rd round


  • Prep for public launch

Global south meeting agenda for remaining months: Pari needs to sync with Gus

Table on community team wiki page with RT weekly rotation: a recurring topic for the agenda for global south meeting

We need to try developing how we train people remotely. For countries where Tor is banned. (China, etc.)

Tanzania Pakistan Sri Lanka Zimbabwe

Building presence in Global south:

  • Onion collective: people

Projects that got dropped and need love:

  • Tor weather (2016)
  • Rapid response : for users
  • Tor mirrors
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