Fundraising Brainstorm

Facilitators: Sarah

How do we build upon the success of last year's end-of-year fundraising campaign with this year's "Take Back the Internet. Support Tor."?

The goal of this session is to brainstorm visual design for the t-shirts, social media challenges, blog posts related to the theme, social media influencers who might amplify the campaign, and creative ways to utilize TBB and TBA to promote the campaign.

Time permitting, we will also discuss other fundraising topics like sourcing new foundation and major donor support.

Please join us if you're interested in helping our year-end campaign be the best yet and contribute to all of our fundraising efforts.


  1. List of 2018 social media challenges.
  2. List of past blog topics.
  3. List of best performing days of past campaigns.
  4. Special days like Giving Tuesday and Human Rights Day.
    1. Human Rights Day: talk with OONI. What are things that have happened in the last year, what is being taken away.
  5. Past TBB/TBA taglines and their performance.
  6. List of most popular t-shirts based on demand during recent social media sale.
  7. List of potential updates to

Ideas to get creative juices flowing

Social Media Challenges/Incentives

  • Onion cookbook
  • Staff member or influencer pledges (like Matthew Green dying his hair blue for @RAICESTEXAS)

Visuals/T-shirt ideas

  • Rosie the Riveter holding an onion
  • Space invaders

Blog Posts

  • What has happened to the internet to make Tor necessary?
  • Uplifting post about how we are succeeding
  • Profiles of people taking back the internet
  • Profiles of people, services, or organizations that use Tor
  • Description of a surveillance societies and what it is like to live there
  • Q&A interview style w/ some of our amplifiers (What about David Kaye, the UN special rapporteur? Any of our funder relationships?)
  • Interview w/ Bruce, Matt, Cindy from the board, Paul Stevenson (would need to start now)
  • Story of human rights defenders, what about front line defenders?
  • Introduction to technical stuff: here's something we can do with more funding
  • Some occasional amount of goofy stuff: a tour of our office network, which is just onions connected w/ ethernet cables

TBB/TBA Taglines 
Thought: Do we think we'll get more information if we vary the graphics instead of varying the taglines?

  • Take back the internet. Support Tor.
  • Stand up for privacy. Donate now.
  • Bring privacy to everyone on the internet. Support Tor's growth.
  • Online censorship isn't going away. Take a stand.
  • Create the private internet you deserve. Support Tor.

Meeting Notes

T-shirt brainstorming

  • Plan is to design three t-shirts, set out a vote, produce the most popular one.
  • We have to keep in mind that each shirt must cost $10.99 or less
  • Design concepts ideas
    • Rosie the Riveter 
    • Hands reaching to an onion, hands of many sizes / shades reaching for onion, hands reaching from below towards onion, pulling chains off of an onion
    • Breaking an onion out of jail
    • Breaking chains on a computer
    • What will bring in the most new people into this circle?
    • Something something... Since 1996 + retro images
    • Stuff we've outlasted
      • Flash
      • Myspace
      • Netscape
      • etc
    • Timeline
    • Onion roots breaking through a pot
    • Winged onion
    • Wrecking ball onion
    • Concrete + roots 
    • Many roots 
    • Mass of onions with a retro theme that's 'coming together' to heal *
    • Two onions as old-fashioned wired/tin can telephones reaching across / around a 'dead/scary/thorny' landscape
    • The evolution of the human image (ape -> human -> ugly/surveilled/profiled version -> onion person)
    • Onion with roots wrapping around a surveillance camera
      • This + onion blooming. Including an element of hope
    • Three panels
      • Tor onion growing the ground
      • Old fashioned terminal computer image w/ surveillance (all seeing eye, big brother thing), roots are growing thru it
      • Onion is flowering 
  • Three 'theme ideas'
    • Dystopian
    • Retro
    • Activist
    • + ask Derechos Digitales b/c some of these themes look like what they do
  • Some other ideas for what to sell
    • Desktop wall paper download for a low level donation *
    • Really high donations get prints
    • Dog shirts? 
    • Baby onesies?

Social media challenges * Activities to throw in some fun

  • 2018: Traveling onion
  • 2017: Eating an onion
  • Brainstorming ideas
    • Onion cookbook
    • Donation level incentives -- when our campaign reaches x, we do y.
    • You get a special retro cd
    • Onions of the world discussion
    • Technical stuff on history of tor
    • Video thank yous from Nick & Roger
    • Mini cook show with Nick & Roger
    • Nick & Roger dress up in 'nerd gear' -- "We're with the dork web"~
    • Nick paints his hair purple, Roger paints his hair green
    • Nick writes a song

Creative ways we can use Tor Browser throughout the campaign * Trying different visuals vs. different tag lines

  • Ensuring that TBA & TBB are different and appropriate for each audience
  • Can we experiment w/ long text?
  • Can we do a whole re-make of the about:tor? 
    • Can we serve this 33% of the time? 
    • Can we come up w/ a new one for every two weeks?
    • What if we make this really nice, like the Google doodle? Creating the expectation that every year this happens?
    • Make several in advance
      • Every 2 weeks they would change
    • Animated gifs
    • Would need to retain all functionality (ie, search bar still needs to be clear and easy)
  • We want to show banner 10x before it disappears?
    • Banner needs to persist even if they click the three more times
    • Goes away if you x out of it
  • Website would still have banners
    • Now we have many websites: should show up on tpo, community, metrics, & 
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