Future Proposals

Knight Foundation - They don't fund tool development but they do fund research. We can possibly propose onion proposal part 2. Also we can include Tails - make it easier for journalists to use Tor for investigations. Tails has tons of usablity upgrades that can be written in

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) - We want to do two SOIs - maybe $1.5M for each SOI. Our mission is to show evidence of our differences from the past. Not sure that DRL understands what the community team does. We need to bring 1.5 years of development in front of them. We've been doing this, have been successful and we're starting to pattern our product to our personas. One way to solve this problem before Sept is to send tor vision update to Ciprian between now and mid-August. OTF asked for this Tor vision update too. Isa has 7 points on email to tor project. Then she has slides that she sent to Ford Foundation. Want to say this is what we did and this is what we plan to do.

  • One proposal for scalability - this project has phases 0,1 and 2 which are six months each. Scalability monitoring the network, include relay operators. focus on global south since that is what DRL cares about.
  • One proposal for community team - maybe add other work to the proposal that was previously declined. This can be user testing program plus training. Add URL to browser release (evidence of what we've been doing). Put footnote of Gus' work and footnote of browser. Sida was development and training grant, so we can use some of that proposal's content here. ID user problems on the ground and then fix in browser - this is something tails can help with. Let's use Latin American countries here like Central America. Tails and Guardian Project would be our subcontractees. We share our tools with other people in the ecosystem. This won't overlap with later Sida proposal because it will be in different countries. Sida is about Africa mostly. They will let us know if they want another contract with us when current one is ending.

OTF - Isa will talk to them about writing a big Tor browser proposal due 9/1. If they say no, we'll propose another phase of onion services.

NL net - due 10/1 - anything related to metrics on phase 0 or phase 1 with regards to the scalability project

RIPE - try to apply for ipv6 work

Sloan - Isa's reaching out to them in August

(During July 31st Grants Team training, ask amber how she feels about approaching ppl on our list. Amber is organizing a lunch to introduce Isa to a bunch of people).

National Science Foundation (NSF) - Can apply as a non-profit, but our chances are better applying with the lead person at a university.

Grants Process

If the proposal is under $100K and is for general operating expenses, Sarah will approve before sending. Same with the general operating reports.

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