Growing the Tor Network ——

goal: add more relays and more capacity. companies approach and want to help but fear breaking the network cost is inconsequential but want guidelines to follow in a blog post

  1. publish guidelines for large companies + pr + relationship management
  2. donations to existing orgs
  3. relay campaigns (kill its)
  4. Expensive dev

What are the failure modes/risks/recommendations to include in that messaging?

  • 10% of the network is the limit. If you want to run more, consider donating to existing orgs running relays.
  • Exits take more consideration, see the relay guide
  • If you cannot run yourself, you can contact an existing org. (We need to update our list. We may need to do a call for updating this list.)
  • Diversity (but capacity priority). 95% bridges are Linux. Relays are 90%.
  • Encourage your partner orgs
  • Myth that if you run an exit, you shouldn’t run a bridge and vice versa. Doesn’t matter who runs bridges. Participation is more important.
  • Frame guidelines as must have and nice to have.
  • Nice: diversity. Do what you are most comfortable with.
  • Provisioning. More info on torservers wiki page.
  • Maintenance: Recommend making a fellow position. Grow the ISPs that can give for free. If you’re going to give us X, where is best spent?
  • Someone should be monitoring the relays
  • Use the back port version or our repos

Imagine someone wants to put in 300k for capacity. They should spend the first bit running on their own then donating to an org. Then pay a fellow to be the org advocacy person.

Make sure that relay guide / community portal includes recommendations to update the tor version, use latest version. Will ask people who maintain deb package if they can update it more or shift responsibility. Problem for deb stable is a policy issue not to accept new feature changes. But there can be a back port, other workarounds. Acute can make a back port

A lot of the work is people growing and maintaining the relationships

We need to update:

  • partner/existing org list
  • specifications (currently being moved to community portal) can be updated in git

Pitch / benefits: Consider the bandwidth you use and then multiply, overestimate, make sure you are giving back. A commons. Benefit human rights — being part of the internet freedom community. Free speech supporter, opposing censorship. Consider the mission or current campaign of each company we’re approaching. Frame in their language.

Gamification proposal for relay listings Relay search currently shows individual relays — how can we show relay teams?

Do we have any legal support to include in communications?

  • EFF has a Tor legal FAQ. It was last updated in 2014. Ask about updating. Can we coordinate a campaign with them?

What organizations / companies should we go to? There is a fundraising initiative to contact a list of companies, but it would likely be different people making decisions. Should we have separate outreach to companies outside the US? We have strong partnerships related to Torservers. Look for orgs that have it in their mission. Look for companies that have technical people and extra bandwidth. Approach VPN companies. Companies who have onion addresses but not relays. Universities. Can be hard to get university to run because it is like a business and what is the value?

Relay Campaigns (Kill LTS!)

  • should we consider what other campaigns are running alongside?
  • Run in September? Ask EFF to amplify or run their own.
  • September also a campaign to run bridges.
  • Who else could help? CCC, Bits of Freedom. Can we prepare them to push to constituents
  • Need to get debian relays not to run LTS. Just use app sources. Some cannot switch. Part of relay coordinator role
  • Campaign to get people to update. Then start putting loglines into the 029. Give people a shirt once they upgrade

Tor maintains list of relays Sometimes relay operators put contact info in their configuration, but not required EFF asked them to prove that people run relay by adding something to relay info There are thousands of people on the tor relays list - most of top 10 relays do not have contact info People who run relays don’t add emails because of spam

Next steps:

  • Recommendations
  • Update documentation
  • End of August for blog post, visuals. Components: pitch and company guidelines, matching (if applicable), promote support to existing orgs
  • List of companies
  • Promote existing companies, update list
  • Ask company to match donations campaigns to relay operators? with running own relays? Check internal contacts, each out
  • Promote companies running relays after
  • How can we visualize the impact of the campaign in real time? Build a dashboard on network health
  • Steph to create timeline, discuss in next comms meeting

Side notes Could all relays be a bridge? Diversity important if there are exploits.

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