How do we maintain sbws

Goal: find who and how to maintain sbws?, what to maintain in sbws?

Facilitators: teor?, juga?

Audience: Network team, anyone interested to maintain sbws

Duration: 1h


There was not any previous preparation nor which were the facilitators nor the goal nor the audience.

Meeting notes

T propose 3 initial goals containing critical bugs (documented previously in teams/NetworkTeam/BandwidthAuthority/sbws):

  1. stability: #29710 (parent), #30733
  2. monitoring: #30735, #30719
  3. scaling, network health, experiments, metrics anomaly detection

J propose to:

  1. find out who could be maintaining sbws
  2. can find a way other people maintaining sbws can be payed for their work hours, funder can not pay an organization for this grant, but only individual
  3. come out with milestones from now to a year and how many hours we would need

A offers herself to work on sbws, initially part time, later full time. Needs to figure out from the University part the bureaucracy stuff

J needs to confirm from the founder:

  • that the grant is only for individuals (not organizations)
  • maximum amount (to figure out maximum hours, hours/person, for how long, milestones)
  • whether the persons being payed needs to be freelance (so far confirmed it does not need to be EU citizen)

T propose add scanner work as part as other sponsors? Maybe network health would be a place to add sbws-related work There should be other person in network team (Tor staff) to review/manage sbws.

We add other goals:

  1. Other bug fixes and features
  2. Maintain Debian packages
  3. CI tests
  4. Refactoring
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