Internal Tooling at Tor Project

Are the tools we are using working for us?

Facilitators: gaba, pili, anarcat

Time: 1 hour


  1. Review existing tooling vs team requirements
  2. Move forward discussions on issues that we have been already discussing:
    • email issues
    • ticketing system migration to gitlab
    • guest accounts
    • CI

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • papelografos
  • sticky notes

Desired Outcome:

  • list of what needs to happen before migrating to Gitlab
  • list of what needs to happen before migrating to Nextcloud


  • Migration into gitlab dip discussion
  • Document on options for email

Topics that we need to look at

Review existing needs/requirements

  1. Issue tracking:
    1. trac
    2. github
    3. gitlab
  2. Email
  3. Wikis
    1. trac
    2. gitlab
  4. Project Management
    1. trac
    2. wekan
    3. deck
    4. gitlab boards
  5. Collaborative document editing
    1. nextcloud
    2. google docs
  6. Meeting pads/notes
    1. storm
    2. etherpad
    3. nextcloud
  7. Meeting Scheduling
    1. doodle
  8. Shared calendars
    1. nextcloud
    2. storm
  9. Video/Audio Conference
    1. jitsi
    2. bluejeans
  10. Messaging
    1. irc
    2. signal
    3. keybase


  1. Which categories of tools should be standarized and which tools can be used ad-hoc?
  2. Review existing toos at Tor
    1. trac
    2. google docs
    3. sandstorm
  3. Toolds under review
    1. nextcloud
    2. gitlab


  1. Decision making process
  2. Migration process


Services currently running

git.tpo - kind of maintained

rt - currently unmaintained, steph uses that for press queries, donation queries; big spam problem; steph is looking at it new messages relgularly; unmaintained

storm - currently unmaintained

blog is fine but blog template is usually breaking with drupal update; Converting to lektor? If so, we would not have comments. Maybe using Discourse or something else?

Potentially new services


  • opening a document in onlyoffice takes longer than storm
  • asking people for feedback in august to help with a decision migration plan
  • OnlyOffice issues:
    • word count?
    • tagging comments?
  • Should we migrate svninternal/corporate svn? And if so, how?
  • Uptime requirements for Sue?
  • Concrete plan on what is going into Nxtclound and what not and how this should be exposed?
  • having a unified platform for everything (calendar etc.) is pretty worthwhile taking into account what we have today
  • Linus is asking nextclound testers in August for feedback to make a decision in September on how to move on

We should generally build a guide for secure, private, and public stuff organization-wide


  • network-team: moving to Gitlab is okay, still accepting pull requests on Github
  • anarcat is summarizing the anonymous/guest account session
  • having Gitlab helps porting software to *bsds (Gitlab API is useful here)
  • Blockers:
    • Trac queries and wikis?
    • CI integration (Travis hooks, Appveyor etc.)? You are able to hook up runners from anywhere and scope them permisson-wise
  • Dozens of other small Tor projects could be a good target first before dealing with the larger projects like tor and Tor Browser
  • maintainership of Gitlab projects is more fine-grained/trickle down fashion than gitolite (who makes sure configuration is not rotting?)
  • Do we have someone being able to scan for permission anomalies (yes, it could be some project admin)
  • gitolite permissions should be able to get replicated in gitlab
  • decentralized versions of access control does work better than centralized ones as the groups know better about themselves than a central entity
  • all in all there are no real blockers for the gitlab transition
  • we need to come up with a ticket migration plan
  • maintenance cost
    • running Gitlab ourselves is not cheaper than outsourcing it
    • there will be a maintenance cost which is currently not clear
  • push access only in one direction

Email update

  • issue with providers like Google which is just not delivering emails from
  • anarcat summarizes the current state of the discussion
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