Network Health

We will organize potential network health team work according priorities. This will involve

  1. Getting some rough understanding what is in scope and where items overlap with other teams' work
  2. Prioritizing the genuine network health tasks
  3. Thinking about interactions with other teams that work on related topics (Do we need new channels for that? Do we need special contact persons in the respective teams? ...)


We'll start with arma's mail about the roadmap for a potential network health team: Thus, (re-)reading that thread and thinking along the scope of the session outlined above seems like a good idea.

Facilitator(s): GeKo + arma

Audience: Anyone interested in Tor network health

Duration: 1 hour


You do not need any prep to make this session. (Re-)reading the mail linked to in the Material section above is recommended, though.

Desired outcomes

  • Having a prioritized list of things a network health team/person would work on
  • Having a clear understanding where the network health work overlaps with other areas and how do avoid duplication of work


1. Overview
   - Standards for good relays (community team owns most of it)
     - Documenting community standards about good relays [gus has done some work - community team ownership]
     - Best practices for relay families [nobody currently; phase 2]
     - Detecting and resolving bad relays [bad relay team has been working on that]
   - Anomaly Analysis (nobody; Network Health engineer would own)
     - Baselines for performance, usage, load, etc [bad-relays team]
     - Finding DoS issues [network team]
     - Tracking relay connectivity [nobody currently; phase 2; phase 1 examine current data]
     - Looking for resource limit issues [nobody currently; phase 1 - examine current data]
     - Look for default bridges hitting resource limits [nobody currently]
     - exception reports (maybe relay operators should get it separately) [nobody currently]
     - bandwidth authorities behavior [nobody currently]
   - Ensure current usage stats are accurate (nobody owns; network health should)
     - Tracking users, performance, relays by various metrics [metrics team, do we have all the metrics we need/want?]
     - count users [with network team and metrics team; but currently nobody actively]
     - Monitoring bridge growth and usage [with censorship team, metrics team]
   - Relay advocacy; creating a community (nobody owns; community team should)
     - maintain docs for setting up and running relays and bridges [gus - community team (check whether it gets maintained]
     - grow a cohesive community of relay operators so they have peers [nobody currently]
     - Keeping relays on right Tor version [nobody currently]
     - Gamification/rewards/incentives for relays [nobody currently, could be a fellow or intern]
     - strengthen non-profits that run relays [nobody currently]
     - Communicate with companies that make heavy use of the Tor network [nobody currently]
   - Maintain components of network (nobody; network health/network team should)
     - maintain directory authority relationships [okay]
     - keep bandwidth authorities working (including setting the right balance between speed and location diversity) [juga, pastly, network team]
     - have enough tor browser default bridges, and keep them running smoothly [with censorship team; s30]
     - update the fallbackdirs list [teor, gus]

2. What should we do with funding
   - Ticket brainstorming captured on post-its
   - Categories:
     - Active scanning (e.g. DNS errors, Exitmap, OnionPerf)
     - Metrics scripts/apps/APIs for querying/custom reports
     - Analysis of reports (make analysis of data we have easier)
     - Relay reporting
       - Resource use (CPU, memory pressure, ...)
       - Protocol violations
       - Heartbeat log (Getting data out of the relay; What is acceptable here?)
     - Bugfixes to user counting, other metrics
     - Metrics for estimating how relay campaigns go (diff of capacity, numbers...)

3. Who owns what; who should own what?
   - Documented above
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