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    4545== Notes ==
     47Status reports:
     49 George (asn):
     50    - Helping Brave with doing thec lient auth. Took much more time than expected
     51    Worked a lot of DoS stuff. Still much to do.
     53 antonela shows mockups:
     54    - Working on authentication password field
     55    - Notify users if the current website has an onion version for onion-redirect [horziontal line // preferences]
     56    - Better client side errors
     58 mcs/brade:
     59    - client auth went down rabbithole
     60    - we know how to do the plumbing to get the errosr out of the browser
     61    - optimistic data (if the tor daemon starts sending data, firefox gets confused and errors dont get displayed (?))
     64  - Fix the timeout issue before September.
     65  - An alpha 043 before October 22nd.
     66  - Optimistic data work is gonna happen when?
     67  - Error stuff for network team
     68  -
     70Roadmap O2A5
     72- namecoin has trouble with windows and mac.
     73  - we are not concerned about android support
     74- SAT extension can be used as an HTTPS-E alternative.
     75- namecoin can be at a good stage by the end of the year.
     76- HTTPS-E is a lower risk alternative to namecoin
     77- Centralization issues with HTTPS-E? Needs a convenient user-friendly workflow for subscribing to different rulesets.
     79- Need to specify exactly the workflow of HTTPS-E and specify the exact interface.
     80- HTTPS-E ruleset API can be used as part of namecoin
     81- Namecoin does redirects using TCP level redirects so the address on the URL bar is a namecoin domain
     82  The HOST header sent to the server is a namecoin domain, so it's differnet from HTTPS-E.
     87george questions (notes):
     88 - do we planb to show alt-svc that it's an onion. the onion icon and the dot com url.
     89 - do we really need onion-redirect?
     90   Namecoin: The usefuleness of a normal website signalling to its users that an onion domain is available.
     91 Jeremy thinks it's a useful thing.
     92   Can this be used to redirect v2 to v3?