Coordinating work on training and user testing

Facilitator(s): pili?

Audience: Community Team + UX Team + Browser team representative + interested volunteers

Duration: 1 hour


Topics for discussion:

  • Timeline
  • Localization
    • Which languages do we want to prioritize for localization of training materials?
    • What's the best way to get these materials localized? file format, etc...
  • Potential/Additional training Partners (notes on these should potentially remain confidential)
    • Which ones would be good for the soft launch?
  • User research
    • What features do we want partners to test?
    • Brainstorm mechanisms for feedback collection
      • How can partners collect feedback safely?
      • How can partners share feedback with us safely?
    • Developing a standard reporting format
      • user problems identified
    • Acting on outcomes of user research
      • How/when do we iterate and re-test?

Desired outcomes:


# S9 Session Notes


  • Additional item added to the agenda to writeup some kind of blog or story about research trips & community involvement
  • Short version for the blog, but it's also a story worth sharing in person e.g. a talk at a conference
  • Include how many people we have reached, how many kilometres we have travelled etc.



  • Discuss the countries we plan on visiting with S9
  • Start to deliver content for them, e.g. methodology, instructions and FAQs
  • How they're going to collect/format feedback for the training


  • Localise training resources
  • Suggestion to create a training/partner kit they can download and print
  • Figure out how facilitators are going to feed back their research findings
  • Conduct risk assessment and provide security advice to partners
  • Consider threat model for the physical space sessions will be conducted (or can we travel to them directly?)
  • Also consider cost and compensation for participants too
  • Also also consider terminology for the session, e.g. we may want to avoid the word "training"
  • Soft launch for training partners


  • First training – suggestion to test iterations of the Onion icon in the address bar
  • Suggestion to continue testing and collecting feedback for TBA


  • Public launch


  • Guardian Project to share materials & support (including lots of creative assets the design team have made to make it fun)
  • Look at the training page on the Community portal and consider improving the layout to host the relevant materials and their localisations
  • Desktop navigation and Mobile version of community portal needs review too
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