- Merge policies
  - Tails: uses one author, one reviewer. Reviewer commits
  - Metrics: Uses one author, one reviewer. Reviewer commits
    - Unless only one author
    - Even volunteer code has one reviewr. Reviewer commits
  - Idea for network-team: Simple fixes can have one-staff rule
  - Idea for network-team: More people with commit bit (all reviewers?)
- Ticket Triage
  - Metrics doesn't
  - Tails: Automated aspects of triage, like stalled/blocking due to
    - Uses redmine (bugzilla also has this)
    - Uses UX cost/benefit analysis and personas to prioritize tickets
      - This review is done yearly
  - Metrics tried a triage and priority pass in Trello but it got desynced
    - Trello helped visually organize priorities and categories
    - Left Trello after prioritization pass to avoid desync
    - Kanban used and manually synced by gaba; has led to mistakes with
      ticket numbers and priority confusion due to desync

- Rotated roles
  - Tails used to; is trying automating instead
- Tagging
  - Tor browser uses tag prefixes mapped to design doc categories
  - network team use tags for backport
  - idea: tag by goal; have taxonomy of goals
  - network-team: Tag query may be problematic to port to GitLab
- Metrics team streamlining:
  - Went from having a review day to having a review queue
  - Work is now organized into queues; queues have priority

- Other folks present also do this:
  - Iaians work queues (in priority order):
    - git config changes; Mailinglist moderation; reviews
  - Teor's work queues (in priority order):
    - CI issues; Mailinglist Mod; Merges; Code Reviews; New work; Backports
  - Nick's work queues (in priorityorder):
    - Ticket triage/change review; Merges; Small reviews; Big reviews

- "Break glass for key process" for emergency moderation is useful

- Reading backlog is time consuming
  - Teor deliberately shortens backlog length
  - Nick only reads mentions
  - For email: teor tries to reply with shortest next step

- Volunteer management is time consuming
  - Teor muses setting expectations wrt review time, communication time
    to volunteers

- Backporting and merging can be done with a branch management script

- Release length:
  - Tails releases every 6 weeks; has been ok
    - Some emergency releases
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