User Research: Coordination with Local Communities

We want to collaborate closely with communities to run user research together. We will work on define core documents to guide local partners to execute a safe and private study on Tor users.

Facilitator(s): pari + antonela

Audience: UX team, Community team, developers, and people interested in user research.

Duration: 1 hour


You do not need any prep to make this session, but you can sneak peek what other teams are doing:

Desired outcomes

Learn from past experiences running user research in the field and develop an initial workflow to share with community members for feedback.

Notes from session : 13 July

Every quarter - we have an agenda for research (based on our development cycle) First month - we make the exercices and share 2, 3 - community conducts research 4 - we collect and analyse results

Reference - OONI spreadsheet for holding research


I. Where to place materials:

  • A table to collect tickets requesting research (sourcing)
  • Community portal : user research section
  • Incorporating feedback form link in the training materials (a link/ QR code on the last slide?):
  • Feedback about Tor browser
  • Feedback about the training materials.


II. Tools and documentation:

Printable PDFs + online forms (both options available for researchers to utilise based on the resources available to them)

  • A generic printable feedback collection brochure : something that can be used during every training “My first impression”
  • Time for carrying out research should be short and easy to carry out
  • Localisation aspect needs to be taken care of : language to be simple and easily translatable
  • Something that is printable vs. Something that collects data online
  • Global south meetings : Pari will share out every month’s user research areas to the audience, and interested people who are conducting talks can drive these tests
  • Using the organisations that are running Tor trainings to also run our research
  • NGOs
  • OK thanks : Duncan
  • Bundles of materials to be created depending on the activity


III. Requirements / Sections for our resources

  1. Intro - Lesson plan kinda page
  2. time req,
  3. materials required
  4. Security advice (don’t share names, destroy the forms later)- Digital Security checklist to refer to (DSPPUX Checklist)
  5. Questions
  6. Reporting format - how to report


IV. Collecting feedback :

  • Secure channel
  • Directly within the tool would be easier for users to fill


V. Rewarding researchers :

  • A t-shirt for submitting a research
  • On the thank-you page


VI. Analysing the feedback :

  • If we have a UR coordinator, that person can read through the collected data and make it actionable
  • What is mission critical, which feature request should be prioritised


Roadmap for Research areas:

OONI explorer Desktop apps

Onion services (Identify list of good orgs that use onion services and then collaborate with them on running the research) (How do Tor users interact with Onion services - survey)

—————Side discussion : Feedback in the browser——————

  • Firefox is doing it
  • Is there a secure way to collect this in Tor?
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