Making the most of volunteer programs at Tor

Google Season of Docs, Google Season of Code, Outreachy... what other programs are out there were we can get people to work with us. Let's come up with a timeline for these programs, a list of self-contained projects, timelines for them and potential mentors

Facilitators: Pili

Audience: Fundraising Team, Comms?, PMs, representatives from each team

Duration: 1 hour


Pre-meeting prep: List of volunteer programs + timelines and application deadlines

Mentoring/Open Source Programs


Google Summer of Code

Google Season of Docs

Rails Girls Summer of Code (re-branding for 2020)


  • Website:
  • Timeline:
  • Social Media:

Girlscript Summer of Code

24 Pull Requests

Notes from Meeting

Different programs and strategies were discussed to try to take advantage of some of the initiatives around open source projects and internship/mentoring programs

  • Google summer of code
    • Can be useful as recruiting tool - e.g 1 in 5 might want to keep doing it
    • 1 in 5 will disappear with no output
    • the rest will do something but will not be usable after
    • lot of time cost and short term loss, only long term return
  • Other category of programs:
    • Bounty Source
      • Crowdfund for issue tickets
      • Concern of substandard code for bounties
  • Areas where volunteers can be useful other than coding
    • Helping other people use Tor
  • Encourage bounties for experimental tasks, where it's not a huge project/loss...
  • Where are we getting good volunteer interaction?
    • network team
    • people tend to pick for themselves
  • Couple of engineering days to tag/organise tickets
  • Projects run challenges to get people familiar with the code
    • puzzle
    • short series of challenges
    • for fun exercises
  • Improved fuzzing coverage
    • bugs are found within a day - but it tells people where to get security
  • Improved test coverage
    • better to do this for unit tests
  • As an exercise to Tor

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