Long Term Workflows to Maintain Website and Portals

Facilitators: hiro, pili

What do we need to do in order to ensure the new website and portals don't descend into chaos?

Some of the pages in the new website and portals are likely to need regular updating. The aim of this session is to make a list of these pages/sections and try to find owners to take care of updating them. We will also discuss the necessary workflow for suggesting changes, editing the page, reviewing and merging. One of the requirements for this workflow should be that ideally updaters don't necessarily need a lot of technical knowledge to do so.

Please join us if you're interested in taking on a section of the new website or you're just interested in how this works.

Other discussion topics will include:

  • cleaning and reviewing stylesheets
  • upgrading to bootstrap 4.3.1
  • documentation to allow frontends/copywriters/translators to collaborate


  1. List of pages that are updated often or list of actions that are done on existing pages, e.g adding a new Tor Browser version, adding a new person to the people page, etc...
  2. Is there any existing owner for making updates to this page?
  3. Is there any documentation currently describing how to update this page?

Rough Agenda:

  • Overview of Lektor
    • plans
    • improvements
  • Review different websites and tasks and find owners
  • Review open tickets and find owners/close
  • Discuss potential workflows for keeping portals up to date
    • how to contribute
    • how to make the process more agile
      • What should be the process for updating?
        • PR, review, merge?
        • Owners for each of these responsibilities
  • Service Maintenance
    • Scheduling upgrades
  • "Design" Maintenance
    • Stylesheets review and clean up
  • Documentation to foster collaboration and volunteer input


Action Page(s) Link(s) Owner Documentation
Adding a new Browser release Various boklm?
Adding a new Tor Browser Language Tor Browser Language Download Page emmapeel?
Adding a new tor release Download Tor nickm?
Updating People Page About/People isa
Updating Sponsors About/Sponsors al/sarah
Moving a Sponsor from "Active" to "Past" About/Sponsors al/sarah
Adding a new report About/Reports arma/bekeela
Updating the jobs page About/Jobs erin
Adding a new Press Release Press stephw
Adding Press Coverage Press stephw
Adding a new language for website translation Whole site - emmapeel


Action Page(s) Link(s) Owner Documentation
Adding/Updating a new training resource Training Resources gus
Updating Current Status of Translations Current Status of Translations emmapeel
Updating Outreach Materials Street Team Kit antonela
Updating Speaking Resources Talk about Tor stephw
Updating Good/Bad ISPs Good Bad ISPs gus


  • Who's responsible for updating when new features are added

Related Tickets

Ticket Summary Status Owner Keywords Priority
#13005 Please document Tor Browser environment variables needs_review traumschule faq Medium
#20537 Tor Browser User Manual needs meta section accepted Jaruga Medium
#20538 TB manual single page assigned t0mmy Medium
#25198 User manual should explain Tor Browser features more assigned wayward Medium
#28235 Generate screenshots for the Tor Browser manual assigned arthuredelstein Medium
#28516 tb-manual: add alt attributes to the images for accessibility new phoul docshackathon, documentation Medium
#28557 tb-manual: review and update the known issues page assigned wayward Medium
#29584 Write a guide to understanding a Tor log assigned wayward Medium
#30161 tb-manual: sidebar does not move to the other side when on ltr languages new phoul Medium
#30297 Add links to threat-assessment documents at assigned emmapeel Medium
#30844 Update Tor Browser Manual with the extensions.torlauncher.socks_port_flags config reopened wayward Medium
#32120 Figure out what to do with hidden 'Learn More' link in about:preferences#tor in the 'Advanced' section new ggus ux-team, docshackathon Medium
#32127 Tor browser manual section on downloading using gettor is incomplete new ggus get, tor, gettor, docshackathon Medium
#33518 Create "Learn More" links in Tor Browser manual to explain common Onion Service connection errors new ggus ux-team Medium
#33652 Document v3 onion support in Tor Browser using Securedrop rulesets and HTTPSEverywhere new ggus Medium


  • Who's responsible for reviewing content to ensure it doesn't get outdated? Gus (for now)
  • Should there be a checklist of community/documentation related steps to execute when a new tor or Tor Browser is released?

Related Tickets

Ticket Summary Status Owner Keywords Priority
#22179 Website redesign/Support portal: Instructions - Setting up a mirror new Medium
#27119 Usability Testing: Support Portal assigned antonela ux-team Medium
#27562 Detect the locale and automatically serve the language specific support portal new hiro Medium
#30080 support portal: keep anchor when changing language reopened hiro Medium
#31896 Bad instructions in Support Portal, "How can I verify Tor Browser's signature?", discourage, deter, and prevent users on macOS from verifying the Signature of downloaded Tor Browser packages assigned pili Support Portal bad instructions increase chance of users on macOS receiving a Tor Browser package containing corrupted files and/or malware - issue High


Meeting Notes

  • We need to come up with a workflow so that Steph can edit the portal
  • What do we need to document for new people of various skill levels?
    • Branching in gitlab
  • Steph can be involved with support, tpo and community
    • She could be a reviewer
  • Steph can own
    • How can she update this?
    • Anto needs to confirm about the idea with press releases
    • Separate from blog post
      • Can make it a page
      • Can link outside
      • Like a pdf or a blog post, but don't want it to be in the main feed.
    • ACTION: We need to design what a press release should look like
      • How would it work?
      • Documentation for creating one in lektor
      • Steph wants to take ownership of Coverage
      • Action: Document what to edit to do this
  • Gus will own training resources
    • relay operators
  • Community, support and torproject
    • need a simple way to edit this page?
    • github
    • ACTION: Guides to update
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