Tor Friends and Relay Operators Meetup part #2 @ OnionSpace Berlin, 25 August, 2018


Update on the Zwiebelfreunde raid

The Landgericht München declared the search warrant from the 20th of June, originally signed by the lower-ranking Amtsgericht München, illegal. Thus, the whole raid including the confiscation of property was illegal. The confiscated computers and devices are currently being handed back to the Zwiebelfreunde.

Discussion about how many files the police might have been able to extract/copy from the (encrypted) computers. Chances are comparatively low. Discussion about legal reaction to the unlawful raid, e.g. to sue the authorities or responsible individuals who ordered the search & seizures.

Discussion what the raid means for the Tor community / relay operators.

Most people agree on: not much. Relay operators are mostly left in peace by German police, the raid on the Zwiebelfreunde was rather a exception. This is, at least, what the past has shown, no one knows about the future. Equally un-answered: If the raid on the Zwiebelfreunde was the product of a ill-advised / stupid local prosecutor or politically motivated.

Advise was given to correctly label computers & devices in a public/semi-public work space. Make clear to which project the machines belong, and to which owner/operator, in order to minimize the risk of indiscriminate confiscations if the authorities show up. Apparently they can be, against common prejudice, understanding and nice.

Question that will be directed to the most appropriate Tor team/people about the update process of the tor client --interest for a bachelor thesis research project.

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