Tor Friends and Relay Operators Meetup @ OnionSpace Berlin


Operators run relays in Germany on residential connections and on Raspberry Pi 2 with a standard (not tweaked/tuned) Raspbian distribution with a network speed in satisfactory levels (for a residential connection).

The biggest part of the meetup was dedicated into the situation (see related blog post: of Torservers (Zwiebelfreunde e.v) and what we can do to possibly avoid such incidents in the future.

A large-scale operator (with more than 20 exit relays) was wondering about the effects of the newer tor versions and the MyFamily configuration option.

Shared info about the list of providers to run any BSD-powered VPS, and setup

Recommendations from what we also discussed in Rome @ Prenestino: do not use disk encryption (from tor-relay@)

The abuse emails do not bother relays operation in Germany

  • Some providers/ISP just ignore the abuse emails - not forwarding it to the relay operator;
    • the abuse contact might be present only in the WHOIS database from the relay's CIDR;
    • no contact available to reach the operator? - this changed! operators need to add contact info.
  • Even if you respond to the emails there was no feedback;
  • We do not need to shutdown the machines.

A follow up meetup will happen around mid August (in Berlin). Stay tuned!

A poll to find a suitable date for the next meetup (allowing anonymous submission) is hosted here:

Open Questions

  • Who run the relays with the family fingerprint B740BCECC4A9569232CDD45C0E1330BA0D030D33 ?
    • The exit probability of this family is ~10.5%
    • Has anyone met this person/entity?
    • The relays are, at the same time, marked as Guard and Exit
  • The current feature for DDoS protection is really optional, or does it need to be manually enabled? (regarding the traffic drop on the relays mentioned before)
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