Tor Meetup @ Hamburg, August 31

A few notes from the Meetup:

There were about 15 participants, including several members of the Hamburg-based association Lawyers Against Mass Surveillance.

We started with an introduction to Tor, which was very well received. (Source)

Some of the questions we discussed:

  • Which relay types are most useful for new relays?
    Exits and Bridges are not as plentiful as Middle relays.
  • How do I run an exit relay/what is important?
    Better not run it at home. Make sure ISP is ok with it/check ASN for diversity. Be prepared to handle abuse tickets/set descriptive DNS record. Learn about police raids/reach out to a lawyer.
  • What kind of applications can be Onion Services?
    Anything that speaks TCP, i.e. web applications, SSH.
  • How does registration/login work on Onion Service webforums?
    Probably pseudonymous username/password.
  • What can go wrong when running an Onion Service?
    Many configuration mistakes possible/leaking identifying information.
  • Would it be helpful to educate the judges who sign search warrants about Tor, in addition to police officers?

We then talked about plans for a Hamburg-based Privacy/Tor association and whether people think it might be useful:

  • It would be good to have someone local to talk to and meet.
  • More Tor associations would be good for decentralization.
  • Some people would prefer to contribute funds, instead of running their own relays.

After concluding the Meetup, many people stayed to continue chatting about Tor and other topics.

Thanks again to everyone who came by!

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