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     1Lisboa Tor meetup, 23/02/2019
     3Organizer's event link:
     5~25 people
     7The meetup has been brought up by the people of PrivacyLX (; a grassroots organization in Lisbon, Portugal. It lasted for more than 5 hours and was divided in 3 parts.
     91. General introduction to anonymity concepts, Tor network, onion services and AMA
     10Presentation link:
     122. Hands-on "install tor and create your own onion service"
     13Presentation link:
     153. Hands-on "install and configure tor to act as a relay, setup a Tor relay at the premises of the event!"
     16We were baking the idea of demonstration how one can configure and set up a Tor relay "live". We wanted to ensure that this relay will stay up and live forever and not get disconnected upon the end of the meetup. Our meetup hosts (The Block café) were kind enough to provide us with electricity, bandwidth, storage space and most importantly they are actively supporting the idea of running a Tor relay on their premises. More info about the relay:
     18We had a really diverse group of people,  and even people that have worked on Tor projects in the past. A person approached and gave a short description of his pet project. He asked for advice and how he can get in touch with Tor developers and the community.
     19Link to his video presentation of the tool:
     21To explain the concept of onion routing, we decided to use some envelops that fit inside each other and ask for volunteers from the public to run relays in this paper based tor. It ended up working really well because people became involved in the whole process of routing and ended up asking tons of questions about how exactly some parts worked. In the future we might experiment with this role playing and possibly make it a bit more complex with new roles such as NSA, ISP, etc.