Relay operators meetup @ CSOA Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy


~35 people (~12 Tor people)

People/groups from: AvANa, universities, decentralized wireless network, researchers, system administrators, few previous relay operators, Tor user and onion services administrators.

  • Talk about legal implications by running relays
    • No legal issue in Europe -> Article 12
    • Non profit or other organizations could help with potential legal issues
    • Onion Italia (people seem to not like it) | form/make a system that can protect relay operators in Italy
    • No cases of relay operators in Europe that face legal issues for hosting relays
  • Hardware talk
    • Don't use an old Raspberry Pi (depending on the hardware revision) or low powered devices for high performance relays
    • Physical security: Virtual servers or bare-metal
      • If you are able to run a relay and the issue is the VM/OS/System the just do it. Tor's design would help from potential compromises. Obviously if you can afford bare-metal then host a relay on bare-metal servers :)
    • Usually not so new hardware is required to run a good relay, exceptions include really high bandwidth relays.
  • IP blocklists: some people take bad decisions and block the Tor exit relays but very few middle, still people don't use these blocklists.
  • How useful is to raun a bridge in residential ISPs with dynamic IPs: Good if you IP is not changing every 1-2 days.
  • As a system administrator what you should be monitoring to check the health of your relay(s):
    • Nagios or other monitoring software
    • Tor weather
  • Improve relays network by introducing a relay gamification system (badges, swags,..)
  • IPv4/IPv6 talk
    • IPv4 is a requirement: a relay must be able to communicate with every relay on the Tor network
    • IPv6 is not well researched and IPv6 addresses usually not blocked/censored as the blocking infrastructures are blocking only IPv4
    • Hurricane electric provides free IPv6 transit
    • IPv6 exit only traffic is possible and can be configured from the ExitPolicy option in torrc config file
  • Bad news ISPs in Italy
    • Aruba ISP
      • No copyright enforcement, only complains
      • Did/does MiTM attacks to steal SSL keys
      • BGP hijacking
      • Remove all the routes linked to the the Hackingteam and Wikileaks
  • Relay news in Italy
    • Exit probability (as of now): 0,001%
    • Universities can provide bandwidth, IPs and rackspace
    • Universities receive copyright complaints but do not enforce
    • La Sapienza university blocks all Tor domain and subdomains.
      • Multiple complaints have been filled but to not extent, still blocked
  • Question: Will a relays (guidebook/handbook) [wiki/TorRelayGuide#TheTorRelayGuide] help if it's translated in Italian? Not that important currently.
  • Talk about the responsibility of community networks/wireless mesh
    • Network centralization: Exit relays that uses a VPN is not that useful as we may end up with many relays from the same VPN network but.. Better thank nothing
    • Relay operators are autonomous and decide for themselves where they should host a relay
    • Network bandwidth "deals" with ISPs and uplink providers to pay less for more bandwidth/traffic
  • People can help by contributing to the documentation, testing, teaching privacy anonymity and run relays around this project, as it's easier to sustain
  • Funding ideas
    • Donations
    • An application similar to Bail bloc (
    • Organizations that already want to support running relays but don't want or know how to administer them
  • Talk about filesystem encryption on a relay
    • If a relay servers gets raided, police may have harder time to view the content of the servers and cause confusion/delays
    • Tor relays don't save any content on the disks so there is no really a good reason to do this
  • Talk about the Shared Whois Project (SWIP) and hosting providers that support it so that you can use your own contact info
  • In order host Tor relays with minimal issues in universities, you can find a professor that want to do a research related to Tor
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