Plenary planning

Plenaries for every meeting

  • Roadmapping share from all teams.
  • "Around the Tor world" or "State of the Onion".
  • Skillshare

Agenda planning

All meetings should follow the TorMeetingTemplates framework.

Working sessions

Team meeting day

  • Vegas team retrospective

Open days planning

  • Designate greeters for open days.
  • Reach out to local hackerspaces and universities with details.
  • Write blog post and tweets.


Participant wiki template: TorMeetingPlanning/ParticipantWikiTemplate

Save-the-date template: TorMeetingPlanning/SaveTheDateTemplate

Invitation template: TorMeetingPlanning/InvitationTemplate

Post-meeting survey template: TorMeetingPlanning/PostMeetingSurveyTemplate?

General best practices

  • Send out save-the-dates at least 90 days before the meeting so that people have time to get visas.
  • Make sure the distance between the hotel and the venue takes accessibility into account; not just for getting to the venue, but for the ability to take breaks easily.
  • Give a land acknowledgement at the beginning of the meeting to recognize indigenous peoples.
  • Ask people to make the conference a "scent-free" space.
  • Identify facilitators ahead of working sessions.
  • Make space on nametags for personal pronouns.
  • Encourage people to stay through the open days.
  • Set up a buddy system for new people a few weeks before the meeting.
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