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this page is under construction!!!

Welcome to Tor!

This is a public onboarding document - which contains some tips for you to find your way around Tor and get settle.

Keep in mind that is a whole onboard process that is done internally with our HR and Finance teams, so, if somethings like health care and vacation is missing from this page is because they will be presented to you in private.

Introducing tpi and tpo:

tpi is The Tor Project, Inc - a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - if you are hired to work for Tor this organization is who will hire you, pay your salary, set up all your benefits etc.

tpo is The Tor Project community - which includes everyone who is payed by tpi but also everyone else that makes Tor possible: users, tor relay operators, researchers, code contributors etc.

The graph below tries to show more or less how 'these layers' of our organization works.

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