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This page is under construction!!!

Welcome to Tor!

This is a public onboarding document focus for people who are joining Tor either because they became an employee or a contractor. But it can be useful for volunteers too.

Keep in mind that is a whole onboard process that is done internally with our HR and Finance teams, so, if somethings like health care and vacation is missing from this page is because they will be presented to you in private.

Introducing tpi and tpo:

tpi is The Tor Project, Inc - a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - if you are hired to work for Tor this organization is who will hire you, pay your salary, set up all your benefits etc.

tpo is The Tor Project community - which includes everyone who is payed by tpi but also everyone else that makes Tor possible: users, tor relay operators, researchers, code contributors etc.

The graph below tries to show more or less how 'these layers' of our organization works.

whiteboard  version of the graph that should go here

Tor Project's Vegas Teams and Staff

Network Team Tor Browser Team Metrics Team
description and links here description and links here description and links here
OONI Team UX Team Community Team
description and links here description and links here description and links here

Other staff:

  • Communications Team
  • HR/Administration/Operations Team
  • Finance Team

What happens first: Get yourself set up! :)

  • Home office setup; order business cards
  • New hire forms
    • US-based: I9, W4(s), payroll setup, benefits enrollment(s)
    • Non-US: Payroll setup (required forms vary by country)

Setting up your PGP key

  • What is a PGP key?
  • How to create a key and keep it safe
  • Getting your key signed by someone at Tor
  • Uploading your key to the server

Getting your email set up

  • Choosing an alias
  • Getting your email address forwarding set up to work with your email client
  • Email etiquette

(Link to Employee Handbook (to be approved Q4 2017) will go here, including: Diversity Policy; Employment Guidelines; Code of Ethics & Conduct; Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (including complaint process); Employee Communications; Record Keeping; Accountability; Confidentiality; Media Inquiries; Conflicts of Interest; Gifts, Gratuities, and Professional Courtesies; Privacy, Confidentiality, and Respect for Others; Employee/Personnel Records Policy; Use of Company Resources; Workplace Expectations; Work Hours, including Meal/Rest Breaks; Compensation; Time Reporting and PTO; Medical and Wellness Benefits; Unscheduled Absences & Job Abandonment; Expense Reimbursement; Status Reports; Travel; Workplace Safety; Whistleblower Policy and Protection from Retaliation; etc.)

First week on the job: Get yourself oriented! :)

Quick overview of some internal tools we use

Stuff a developer should do to get themselves set up

  • internal Git
  • ldap + ssh key

Need help with any of the above? You can email the email list: wtf@… (wtf -- a wise tech forum for warm tech fuzzies)

Privacy 101

What is expected from you?

  • Havest - timesheets and expenses
  • Reporting (per role/per team expectations)
  • Working Remote! (work and life balance tips)

Tor Culture

Organization History

Tips & Likes and Dislikes

What is the difference between system admin work and services admin work?

Some people at Tor don't like Google Docs.

Ask before taking photos of people at events or Tor meetings

Be mindful when asking private questions as 'where do you live' or 'when is your birthday', not everyone like to share private information :)

Social media engagement equals tracking people - be mindful when asking for people who likes Tor to engage with our social media buttons out there.

More questions?

Here is a map of who can answer about what, so you know who to ask :)

skeleton for this page - brainstorm done by isabela and erin in Seattle first week of june 2017

  • welcome to tor
    • tpo
      • what it is, CC information, links to community docs
    • tpi
      • what it is, maybe org chart,
  • tor teams
    • who does what, helpful links to know more about each team
  • getting yourself set up
    • tpo email address
    • gpg key set up
    • get added to moderated lists
    • other lists you can also join email lists
      • wtf list
      • etc
    • using irc
    • using jitsi
    • using signal
  • work from home
  • tor internal tools
    • trac
    • storm
  • making sure everybody is up to speed on phishing attacks, and security in general.

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