Service Hostname / nickname Who do we think is using it? Notes
example example-onion ? "I am using this; I keep all my chili recipes here" -- nickm
1984 stellatum (.tpo) (16x) torproject-admin DNS, static content rotation webserver *
1984 bridgedb-test (4x) nobody This VM isn't being used, because I'm unwilling to sync Bridge descriptors outside TPO-maintained infrastructure. —isis Okay, autorenewal disabled. --nickm
1984 ubuntu1204LTS-32bit-tbb-test (4x) tbb team (boklm) Used for tbb QA
1984 debianx86-tbb-test (4x) tbb team (boklm) Used for tbb QA
1984 fedora20-tbb-test (4x) tbb team (boklm) Used for tbb QA
1984 centos-tbb-test (4x) tbb team (boklm) Used for tbb QA
1984 tbb-build (32x) tbb team (all) tbb build machine
1984 sewerzowi (.tpo) (32x) karsten
1984 (4x) ? DocTor Host
1984 crm (4x) ?????
1984 ooni-tpo-collector (7x) ooni team backup ooni-backend collector (zxsh2ostjnr4an3x.onion)
1984 moschatum .tpo (2x) ? (runs a jabberd)
1984 ubuntu1404lts-persona (4x) nobody This VM was used for #12193, and is no longer needed. —isis. Okay, autorenewal disabled -- nickm.
Hetzner DC 14 torproject-admin .tpo backup storage host
Hetzner tbb testing machine tbb team (boklm) Used for tbb QA on Windows
Hetzner Erinn build test machine - erinn sukhbir boklm arlo Used for tor-messenger / tor-mail builds
AWS rob, shadow-build (t1.micro, stopped) rob
AWS karsten, user stats, #8462 2 (m1.large, running) karsten used for user statistics on Tor Metrics
AWS rob, shadow-lttng (c3.large, stopped) rob
AWS karsten, torperf-hs (t1.micro, running) karsten Torperf to hidden service for Sponsor R
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