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This is the deployment documentation for




Config location: /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Example config:

Redirecting the BOSH port(as shown in the config above) is required for pups to function correctly. An example sites-available config has been provided above, and will be updated with the running config once it is deployed.


Config location: /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua

Mod location: /usr/lib/prosody/modules/

Example config:

The main configuration for Prosody is enabling the BOSH module, as well as having two vhosts (one for anonymous XMPP, and one for authenticated). An example config has been provided above, and will be updated with the running config once it is deployed. For pups to function correctly, you also need to install the "mod_auto_accept_subscriptions" Prosody module.

Tor Pups


git clone

cp pups/pups/ pups/pups/

python syncdb
Would you like to create one now? (yes/no): no

chown -R www-data:www-data pups/pups/databases/ 

chmod -R 770 pups/pups/databases/

python createuser USERNAME PASSWORD

vim pups/pups/
# Fill in the CONFIG dict (look at sample settings)


Sometimes after creating your schema you'd want to add a column or two but django 1.4.5 doesn't support that. Luckily there is a solution for this (python-django-south) and this is how to use it..

#app_name can be pups/webchat/stats

./ schemamigration app_name --init

./ migrate app_name --fake

# Now you can add db columns

./ schemamigration app_name --auto

./ migrate app_name

support.tpo & support-test.tpo deployment


  • Merge changes from 'master' into 'production'.
    git checkout production
    git merge master
  • Tag the new 'production' HEAD.
    git tag vX.X.X
  • Pull changes from the 'production' branch into the production directory (/srv/
    cd /srv/
    git checkout production
    git pull origin production
  • Checkout the newly created tag.
    git checkout tags/vX.X.X
  • (Depending on change) restart the Apache2 vhost or Passenger.


  • Merge changes into 'master'.
    git checkout master
    git merge $REMOTE
  • Pull changes from 'master' into staging directory (/srv/
    cd /srv/
    git pull origin master
  • (Depending on change) restart Apache vhost or Passenger.