This page will track the effort of migrating from Trac to Gitlab.

The original question for this effort was the following: should we continue to patch Trac until we love it, or should we look around for a tool that might be able to do what we need? Is Trac the tool we expect to use for the next 3-to-5 years? Will the project continue to be maintained?g

The first step of this project consisted in identifying which requirements we have as Tor community for our wiki/bug tracking tool.

We conducted a survey with the objective to help us identify possible Trac alternatives and carefully plan the forthcoming migration process. The survey is still accessible at:

The result of the survey were summarised in the following deck:

The second step was setting up a testing environment for the Network team to try Gitlab and see if it is something they can work with. Information on our test Gitlab can be found at the following link:

The Network team was a natural candidate as they have been using on their own for a while now, so they were eager to try a tor.tpo Gitlab and see it would make their lives easier.

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