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The Tor Project runs quite a lot of services for developers, researchers, relay operators, and the community at large. Each of these services, regardless if developed by The Tor Project or by a third party, should have one or better more maintainers who look after the service if it breaks. In particular, fixing a service is not something our system administrators can or should do. As a consequence, unmaintained services will be shut down.

  • New service will only be started if someone agrees to maintain it for at least the first six months.
  • Existing services that have a maintainer and become unmaintained will be shut down three months after discovering that they are unmaintained, unless a new maintainer shows up.

The following table lists services run on torproject infrastructure. Follow the link the service name column for additional information.

Corresponding onion services are listed on

User facing services

Service name Maintainers Description Requirements Unmaintained since Shut down on (web) boklm package archive N/A N/A (web) working on adding hiro as maintainer - isabela blog PHP, Apache N/A N/A (web) sysrqb web application and email responder to learn bridge addresses Twisted N/A N/A (web) arlolra web application for determining if a visitor is using Tor or not Go, Haskell, TorDNSEL N/A N/A and karsten, irl collects Tor network data and makes it available Java 8, Apache N/A N/A (web) tom service that periodically checks the Tor network for consensus conflicts and other hiccups Python, Apache N/A N/A weasel Debian package repository N/A N/A (web) arma :( packages N/A N/A (web) karsten website that tells you whether a given IP address was a Tor relay Java 8, Apache, PostgreSQL N/A N/A (web) tpa static web stuff referenced from the blog (create trac ticket for access) N/A N/A ilv email responder handing out packages N/A N/A tpa anonymously accessible git repositories mirror of git repositories N/A N/A nickm, Sebastian, hiro, irl developer accessible git repositories git@ ssh authorized keys provided by db.tpo N/A N/A (web) Sebastian web frontend for browsing git repos apache, mirror of git repositories N/A N/A (web) tpa help desk and torproject admin documentation (wiki) N/A N/A (web) weasel continuous integration, autobuilding . N/A N/A (web) atagar, qbi mailing lists Postfix/Exim/Sendmail, Apache N/A N/A (web) hiro media N/A N/A (web) karsten network descriptor aggregator and network data visualizer Java 8, PostgreSQL, Apache N/A N/A (web) weasel list of onion services run by the Tor project Apache?, etc.? N/A N/A karsten, irl web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges Java 8, Varnish N/A N/A (web) hellais open observatory of network interference N/A N/A (web) tpa content provided by Tor people Apache N/A N/A (web) karsten website with stuff for researchers including tech reports static mirror network N/A N/A phoul Support Request Tracker N/A N/A (web) atagar stem project website and tutorial static mirror network N/A N/A (web) Sebastian SVN service N/A N/A (web) phoul Tor Browser User Manual N/A N/A
onionperf hiro, irl Onion and Tor performance measurements for metrics N/A N/A (web) hiro bug tracker and wiki N/A N/A hiro main website N/A N/A
Gitlab (test - infra) hiro Gitweb alternative N/A N/A

Internal stuff

Service name Maintainers Description Requirements Unmaintained since Shut down on
backup.tpo tpa N/A N/A (web) tpa LDAP N/A N/A
DocTor atagar DirAuth health checks for the tor-consensus-health@ list python, stem N/A N/A
Jabber service dgoulet XMPP server that federates for Tor project users Prosody 0.9.7+ N/A N/A
mail service tpa mail service N/A N/A tpa N/A N/A tpa N/A N/A
name service tpa name service N/A N/A
schleuder hiro gpg-enabled mailing list manager with resending-capabilities. N/A N/A N/A


Service name Maintainers Description Requirements (web) N/A redirect to Atlas static mirror network (web) phoul, lunar, helix Webchat support system Apache2, Prosody & Prodromus (web) karsten web application to look at AS/country diversity of Tor network Apache (web) irl web application to discover Tor relays, frontend to static mirror network, now part of