The jabber service was retired in 2019, see #31700.

In order to get an account on Tor Project jabber server, you need an LDAP account.

Getting an account

You need to set your rtc password. Here is how:

  1. Enter your user and LDAP password at and press Update my info.
  1. At the very bottom, you should see this field: Change rtc password. Put your password in there. Password maximum size is 30 characters.
  1. Wait a couple of minutes so the database sync up and reaches the jabber server. When you connect, if it fails, wait a bit more. Usually after 5 to 10 minutes it should work so report the issue if it still fails.

Server Details

Your account is <ldap-user> You have to enable TLS of course.

We also have a hidden service! It's:


To use it, set the XMPP server with it but the user must be your LDAP one that is <ldap-user>

It's federating that means you can add contact that are OUTSIDE of this server such as Riseup users or any workable jabber server supporting TLS.

Finally, this server has a special quirk. It will _tell_ you when you are NOT using OTR.

IM Observatory results



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